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Today something amazing happened!

We have hit a huge milestone.

I’m almost embarrassed to write about it, because it may well not seem all that impressive to most people. But in the context of our own unique journey, it’s MASSIVE.

Actually, two completely utterly incredible things have happened today.

Here’s the first thing:

  1. I managed to pay everyone – that is, D, C, T and K, and we STILL have money in the bank.

Which no doubt doesn’t seem all that special, but considering only a few months ago I had to lend myself several thousand off my spare credit card so I could pay wages, because we were stuck with a few unfinished jobs and those final payments unpaid.

But today, we still have money. And not just a few hundred. A few thousand. Enough to pay all the suppliers for this month, not like usual when I pay the staff and then have to go scratching around to pay the suppliers.

This is incredible! Of course, there’s a very loud voice in my head telling me this is a one-off, it can’t possibly continue, we just got lucky in August. But there’s another, quieter but even more determined voice, telling me that we’re on track and this is the start of a different level. No one is suggesting life is going to be swimmingly easy from now on, that there won’t be any months without challenges, but we’re in a different place.

Even so, I won’t feel comfortable until we have at least six months of wages in savings. And we are some way off that.

Here’s the second thing, the really big one!

2. So here’s the big one: I paid myself.

Yep, you read it right. I actually, for the first time in forever, gave myself a decent wodge of money, on payday, at the same time as the others. Not as much as they get, but bear in mind I’ve been living off my rental income, the odd income like royalties from my TV days and the odd part time job, on top of drawing the odd small amount from the business in emergencies, so it was pretty huge in comparison.

So that means, 13 months after registering the business and 10 months after actually starting trading, I was able to pay myself.

I called D in while the payment confirmation was still up on my screen and showed him. “It feels good doesn’t it,” he said. It did, but I couldn’t get carried away. For some reason it didn’t feel amazing, probably because the voice of doubt is still too loud and too close for comfort.

So that’s partly why I’m writing this. To celebrate, quietly, today’s huge event. My first payday. From the business we have built. I say we, because it is totally both of us, but because I’m usually the one reading the map and deciding the way, I do sometimes feel like I’m on my own up at the front. And so this business is both our baby, but I’m holding the head end.

Several years ago, long before this all properly started, and at the beginning of our journey, I lay in bed and felt myself leap into the unknown. It was, truly, a leap of faith that we both took, but as it is usually me who makes the decisions, the one whose feet left the ground first was me.

Today the leap cleared a huge hurdle. Earlier I almost felt like posting this moment on Facebook, in one of my entrepreneur groups, but I held back as no doubt many people on there will have businesses that paid them from day one and they’ll see me as the foolish beginner that I am.

So here I am, telling the world. We’re on our way!!


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