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This World of Miracles!

Did you know we are surrounded by miracles?

I don’t mean miracles like turning water into wine (I’ve never managed that one!) more the sheer ability of today’s world is well and truly miraculous.

The possibilities are endless! They always were, if you were the right sort of person and had the right knowledge, backing, skills, contacts, experience and luck, but now anyone it seems – and I mean ANYONE – can do almost anything for next to nothing. And nowhere is that more visible than in the world of marketing and advertising.

I realised this yesterday because in literally two minutes I took a photo on my phone, edited it, added text, posted it to Facebook and then promoted it to reach around 3,000 people within 25 miles of us, all for nothing except for the Facebook ad charges – £30 (£5 per day over 6 days). Here it is, on my timeline:

The photo I posted on our business page and then promoted over Facebook

Even more amazingly, I did all this while sitting at the table having lunch with my parents!

Before you shake your head at my manners, I should tell you they are staying with us at the moment, so it wasn’t a once-in-six-months special. Both of them shook their heads in disbelief!

Before he retired, my lovely Dad was a commercial artist. He drew illustrations for literally anything and anybody, but mostly, for his regular clients, for books, advertising campaigns and posters so he would draw fashion, cartoons, artists’ impressions and so on. He often worked late into the night and ruined his eyesight drawing artists’ impressions of new housing developments, painstakingly drawing or painting the linework of the bricks on thirty-odd houses, the details of ornaments in the windows, as his client the developer tried to capture their sales by hitching on to dreams. His commercial drawing skills have all mostly been replaced by computers now, sad, but just the way the world has gone.

After he produced the artwork the developer would pay what I guess was a hefty invoice, then pay another hefty invoice to the printers, then paying more hefty invoices to the advertisers – newspapers, magazines, street adverts and so on. All to get their product under the eyes of potential customers.

And here am I doing all that at my kitchen table, on my phone, for thirty quid!

Like many people I have a love hate relationship with social media, I wrote here about how I’d allowed myself to start an argument on Facebook with a Facebook ‘friend’ which upset me for days. But, like most of us, I am completely addicted. And it doesn’t help that I have so many different accounts on so many different platforms…

But I can not fail to recognise how Facebook, together with all the other platforms, together with the technology that has sprung up around them, have transformed all our lives. Something that was once so costly as producing and posting an advert is now so simple I can do it while eating lunch and having a different conversation. And that is mind-blowing. As a small, new business, our ability to reach potential customers is now on a par with a multinational, even if they are spending more than £30 on it.

So here’s how I did it:


I hope that makes sense!

Seriously though, ten or twenty years ago this would have been a major mission – and now it is something I can do in minutes. That’s what I mean when I say the world is full of miracles, it truly truly is. There is so much opportunity now to help us grow our businesses at such small cost to time and money.

I absolutely love the WordSwag app, it is great in so many ways, just adding text to a cute photo or adding something as simple as ‘We Do Bathrooms’ to create an image that will stand out in people’s memories.

This world of ours has many many problems but I am so filled with gratitude for the amazing life that we have – or at least have access to. Truly miraculous!




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