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The Night Before the Big Day

It’s almost midnight. By the time I finish this post, tomorrow will have become today. And that’s going to be a really big day, the day of our fresh start.

Our new member of staff – sales director, project manager, manager – whatever we decide to call him, is due to start with us.

I blogged yesterday about how so many things seem to have fallen into place since we began this journey, and the journey that has brought us to this point is just one of them.

T was managing a showroom, so we know him as a supplier. Back in October I told Dean I had a feeling he would work with us one day. Then in December we heard he was being made redundant and I blogged here about the dilemma we’ve faced over whether or not he should join us.

We can’t really afford to have him, but we can’t afford not to have him either.

I’ve been a bit lost, if I’m honest, swirling around trying to do everything and not getting anything done. Spinning headfirst, dipping from business accounts into pricing projects, fumbling from individual customer requests to accounts owing and company pensions, marketing to invoicing.

Because almost all of it is new, I am slow and sometimes dreadful. The business will never move forward like this. And so we take the biggest gamble of our lives, the widest, deepest leap of faith into the unknown.

We’re giving it a 12 week trial period so he doesn’t waste too much time, and we don’t spend too much money, if it isn’t going to work.

We still work out of a home-based office – ie a spare bedroom – so we have turned the living room into an office. It has been a renovation pit ever since we lived here so we have never used it as a living room and won’t miss anyhing. I bought a kidney-shaped glass desk from a charity shop and a new laptop which was set up for him yesterday. There is still no power through the electrical sockets in that room so he will work from an extension cable. I’ve felt like crap all week so we’re really not organised, but I really don’t know what else he needs anyway.

I cannot wait for him to get going!

I literally have no idea what is going to happen!

Bring it on!!





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