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Something amazing is happening…

Actually, lots of amazing things are happening right now. Almost too many to cope with!

So this week I have:

  • Got to grips with accounts (basic, very basic!)
  • Started prepping for the big job
  • D started ripping out a wall in our living room,
  • My video/website client just signed off the final, 10th film and said he LOVES what I’ve done for him.
  • (ok this hasn’t happened yet) Am almost about to send the above client’s second website live, he loves that too.
  • Learned about shipping from China and learned what goes wrong when the supplier under-estimates the weight of goods to be shipped.
  • Registered with HMRC as a frikkin employer!!!
  • Finally reached a point where I can say that Foxy and Frankie the dogs are completely 98% sheep and cattle safe (I know it’s not work but it’s a weight off my mind!)

It’s been quite a week!

But the most amazing thing of all, and something that I never in a GAZILLION years ever thought might happen, is that I have used two words next to each other in a sentence:




Yup. We’re automated, or at least we will be. I have login details for Xero accounting software. and I am not afraid to use them.

Accounts are online, in the cloud, actually up and running and HAPPENING! We are using Xero! I haven’t broken it, it hasn’t broken me AND I even sent an invoice through it!

It’s amazing! It’s very early days but I’ll talk you through it one day, when I know my way around a little more. If you are considering needing some accounting software (get me!) I highly recommend Xero. It actually makes sense, even to a pleb like me.

And while my excitement might not mean much, please do be assured that this is something I never, ever thought would happen! It just shows what can be achieved when you dare to leave your comfort zone.


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