Success without fulfillment is failure: True or False?

Tony Robbins is the absolute KING of motivational speaking and has been a big part in turning around my own mindset and limiting beliefs.

Here he is at his best:


What do you think?

Recently I spent two days with digital marketing guru Paul OMahony learning some great secrets of internet marketing and how to make money online.

Me with Paul O'Mahony, amazing digital marketing guru and all-round great guy!
Me with Paul O’Mahony, amazing digital marketing guru and all-round great guy!

One thing in particular that he said has stayed in my mind…

“What you do between 8pm and 11pm every night dictates your future.”

It’s so true!

If you spend every evening watching pointless TV, you’re not moving your life forward.

Why not try getting up from the sofa, switching the TV off and doing something that will improve your life instead?

Going for a walk and listening to an audio book (yes you can do both at the same time!) every evening could just be the thing that turns your life around.

Try it now and you might just thank yourself in five years’ time!

How do you spend your evenings? Could you do something differently for those three hours?


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