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Our Education System Sucks!

The whole education thing makes me really angry.

I was lucky enough to have a really ‘good’, really expensive education. And on the whole I enjoyed being in school.

But through all those years I never once received any learning in any of the subjects that could have been really useful to me now:

Running a business

Understanding cashflow

Profit and loss

Hey, even just understanding and managing money!

Even if you do nothing with your life, you are going to need to know how to manage your dole money, surely?

And yet, even now, still there is no teaching in vital life subjects.

Admittedly I use my Maths learnings almost every day – percentages, fractions, the basic stuff. I have never, ever used most of the more complicated Maths that I struggled to learn.

So surely it would have made sense to swop something like Algebra for basic business studies?

Well, no.

Our education system was designed by the Victorian masters, the subjects selected to be those that would produce good employees, well-trained and hardworking with just enough knowledge to be useful but not so much that they would become dangerous.

Our education system continues to pour out employees. Taught by employees following a government testing system which ticks the boxes of chosen knowledge.

I believe our education system is failing many of our young people. It churns them out without the hope, purpose or skills to make a success of their lives. It fails to equip them and so it almost guarantees their failures long before they leave school.

If they are lucky their parents might teach them how to make money. If they’re really lucky they might teach them how to keep it.

More likely the parents are struggling just like their children are doomed to, forever locked in a cycle of never having quite enough, buying liabilities or getting scammed because they don’t understand money and profit, spiralling ever downwards through stress.

Who carries the burden of this shame? Anyone in power who does not force change. And I do appreciate how hard change is to create, but where is the education about this?

This clip basically sums it up. I do hope and pray that things will change, one day.



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