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Meet Vicky the Viking

OMG. ANOTHER big step…

We’ve only gone and bought our second vehicle!

And just like every other step we’ve taken on this crazy journey of business, it’s scary and exhilaring at the same time.

It – she – is an Astra van. We know she’s a she because her reg plate starts with VK – so she’s quickly become Vicky the Viking.

The Astra van is probably the best, handiest, most user-friendly vehicle EVER for any business. Until Vauxhall quietly stopped production back in 2012. I mean, who knew that Vauxhall stopped making Astra vans? I had no idea!

Even I had an Astra van, back in the late 1990s, a bright red cool dude called Pedro. Boy did we have some good times together!

And so when T, our project coordinator, started to make noises about needing a vehicle, getting him an Astra van was one of the first things that came to mind.

So T’s job covers a few different things. He visits customers, draws up quotes, selects products for them, then manages the job as it runs and manages the end of the job and sign-off with the customer. Basically, the things I used to do… mostly slower than him.

Recently, I’ve started to pass more on to him. He now sends the final invoice out. He also does the guide to products that we leave with the customer.

(It’s all part of my plan to remove myself gently from the business, so I can start my next business… and the next business… and the next one.)

Vicky for T!

Ever since he joined us, T has used his own vehicle for all this, and we’ve paid him mileage. He drives a sweet little Fiat, and I think we’ve all been aware this was a temporary situation. It really wasn’t practical for picking up materials and there was always the risk of damage to his car. So a couple of months ago when he first started making noises about having a vehicle, it felt like the right thing to do. We are ready to grow and a second vehicle would make getting the third one easier, if that makes sense – I do believe that the second of something can actually be more challenging than the first.

So, we got on the hunt for an Astra van. A white Astra van, so it works with our signwriting. And then we discovered Astra vans are no longer in production. So we kept looking, slightly half-heartedly, because frankly we’re all busy. And then we discovered that looking for an Astra van is like looking for a needle in a very large haystack.

And then by magic, she popped up. T drove straight over to see her, and I think he fell in love. She’s quite an old lady, but in true Viking style she is a true trooper. She’s a bit more expensive than we had hoped, but she is there, and available, and then we can all get on with our lives.

So, we’ve bought her.

At least, we’ve reserved her and we’ll pay when we pick her up.

She will belong to the business and be available for us all to drive, but she will be T’s main vehicle. We’ll get her signwritten so that will be more advertising driving around for us. And we’ll probably pick up a private plate so that no one can see how old she is.

I am really hoping we’ve done the right thing! Things have been a little tricky recently, what with Fox’s surgery and a few tough jobs. Again, it’s scary, it’s a big financial outlay and it could all go horribly wrong, I guess…

But every step we’ve taken so far has moved us upwards and onwards and I hope this van will continue to do just that.

Let’s do this, Vicky!




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