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Hypno Gastric Band!

OMG – I’VE agreed to do it – the hypno gastric band!

In other words, I’m having gastric band surgery – in my mind. It’s all going to happen through hypnotherapy.

So just to recap, I met Kevin the hypnotherapist a few months ago at a networking event, we had a chat and he told me about the hypno gastric band, which he had had and then lost two stone (28 lbs) as a result.

I’ve never had hypnotherapy but I know people who have had success with hypnotherapy for smoking etc so it has stayed at the back of my mind for possibly helping me shed a few pounds. (And then, hopefully quite a few more!)

In October I have two events coming up – one is a reunion of old work colleagues and the other is I am going to take over as President of our local BNI group. The most hilarious thing ever as I never thought of myself as President material, but hey ho it’s happening!

I’ve piled loads of weight on over the summer – a mix of laziness, the heat, sitting at my computer, eating my stress away, and then just flippin eating – so it is definitely time to do something about it. I saw some photos of me recently when I did a presentation at another networking group and I looked bl**dy awful. I really don’t want to be presenting our business looking awful and I hate seeing myself look enormous on my YouTube channel.

So, if this Project Life is to be a Success, that has to include my Health as well as my Wealth!

I spoke to Kevin and frankly could not decide between these options:

1. Join a group session

2. Have some ‘normal’ hypnotherapy sessions targeting cravings etc

3. The hypno gastric band

The group sessions were cheaper but frankly I’m not too excited at the thought of talking about my failings to a group of strangers (although I’m happy to broadcast it to the world – how odd!)

The ‘normal’ sessions went a bit downhill when he started to ask what cravings I get. Apparently it’s hard to pin down ‘everything’.

I tried to explain that I wanted to be able to stick to my favourite diet – Exante – but he started going on about how diets don’t work, etc, how it’s best to make a lifestyle change etc. When as most overweight people know, if the lifestyle change was that flipping easy we would all have done it!

So I figured we wouldn’t get too far with that.

So… hypno gastric band it is!



I’ll report back!




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