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I met my own subconscious mind

My second hypnotherapy weight loss session happened on Tuesday, and OMG was it crazy – I actually met my own subconscious mind!

Uh-huh, freaky isn’t it? Not quite as freaky as it was on Tuesday evening though, when in a state of profound hypnosis Kevin the hypnotherapist summoned forth my subconscious and got he/she/it on board with getting me back into a size 10.

Ok, maybe 12.

But … wowzers. I mean, I had no idea what was coming! At one point I got a bit hot and swirly and thought I was going to be sick (although whether or not you can actually be sick while hypnotised I’m not too sure).

It was all a bit like being 15 again and doing ouija boards. Except without a gang of screaming teenage girls and the fear of someone walking in. Certainly, I see now that my first session was a light introduction, to give me the confidence to be able to cope with the second.

So how have I been since that first session, I hear you clamouring to ask.

Of course, I would begin a course of hypnotherapy just as my life goes into meltdown. My sweet precious lurcher Foxy hasn’t been very well recently. I don’t want to go into details as she seems to be improving, thank goodness, and I don’t want to give what has happened the reality of talking about it. But looking after her, worrying about her, trying to manage two very different walks for two dogs etc etc has thrown the whole week off.

Loads of other things happened last week, too – I just can’t remember any of them now. I don’t know about you but when one of your animals is not quite right everything else just seems to fade.

So it probably wasn’t the best week to be starting a new weight loss challenge and spending time setting goals, prepping food etc.

But as I wonder now, does hypnotherapy weight loss work, I have definitely noticed 4 main differences during the week:

  • I ate less on the whole, and food became slightly less important (most of the time).
  • On several days I replaced at least one meal with an Exante product.
  • I got the urge several times to cook good, proper, healthy food, which I did. I made a couple of lentil dishes which lasted me a few days and I really enjoyed eating their filling goodness.
  • My stomach, which I felt shrinking during the session, continued to pull itself in whenever I thought about it for the next few days, and actually just did again then as I typed that line.

So on Tuesday evening I had two requests for Kevin.

I want to choose Exante Diet products first!

Firstly, I asked him to add a request for enjoyment of and total satisfaction from Exante Diet products as part of my immediate weight removal and long term weight management. I really enjoy most Exante products, and I can imagine replacing one meal a day with an Exante product as a way to keep my weight down long term, it’s just that I get tempted by other things instead, namely toast.

I wanted to cut my sugar cravings!

Secondly, he asked in the first session if I had cravings. I said yes, for everything, rather vaguely. During the course of the week I had noticed that after eating, for example, a large bowl of lentils, the sugar monster appeared and I would seriously have KILLED for something sweet, probably cake.

In fact, it was so bad that on Tuesday afternoon I succumbed to the local shop and bought a slice of pineapple cake. Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm it was delicious. And satisfying. And the craving left. And maybe, just maybe, before trying weight loss hypnotherapy, maybe that craving would have hung around even despite the cake.

Sooooo, to fail to cut a long story short, I asked him to help stop the sugar cravings. So we did this exercise in which I thought of something I hated (black pudding) and then morphed it into sugar. While holding my thumb and forefinger. It’s too early to say if it has worked or not, but as of yet I have not craved a single item of the sweet stuff.

And so on to my hypnosis.

It’s so hard to describe what happens to you when you are under hypnosis, because you’re not really aware of everything. But after putting me under, and drifting me deeper and deeper down, he invited my subconscious to come forward.

He gave my subconscious two fingers to signal yes or no. And then he began questioning my subconscious. I don’t remember everything, but I do recall him asking at what age my current habits started. 25-30 was the reply. Which, I later worked out, was uncannily, dizzyingly accurate.

Aged 25 I got my dream job in television and moved to York to work for a production company based there. I lived at 112 Haxby Road and almost directly opposite was a video rental shop, Blockbusters. You may remember Blockbusters (if you’re old enough!) although it went out of business many years ago now. But in the 90s the internet, in fact, life as we know it today, was still very much in its infancy, and videos were still very much in use.

One other thing that Blockbusters sold, from a freezer display near the counter, was Haagen Dazs ice cream. I barely knew what Haagen Dazs was at that point, but one of the girls in the shared house introduced me to the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour. I don’t think I had ever had anything so delicious in my whole life, and I started doing something I had never, ever done before – buying ice cream and eating it from the tub. I didn’t do it all the time, of course, but it was the start, for me, of luxurious, high-calorie food being something I could eat as often as I liked.

I worked long, crazy hours in that job, regularly in the office until after midnight, and coming home to nice snack food (especially that I hadn’t made myself) became a thing, no doubt setting up the habits that have come back to bite me on my considerably larger behind all these years later.

My Subconscious Knows Me Too Well!

I’ve got to hand it to my subconscious though, he/she does have a sense of humour. Kevin was asking if he/she would support me on my new lifestyle, and he/she was tapping away with the yes finger enthusiastically.

He then asked if this hypno gastric band is actually what I want. I remember a pause, waiting to find out which finger would twitch. I have to admit to a sense of pride when the no finger jerked. After he brought me round I giggled over this with Kevin. My subconscious fully appreciates the battles that lie ahead. My subconscious is very aware that deep down I want to eat everything and still get thin.

Overall though, he did a great re-setting. The freakiest moment came at the end, when he thanked my subconscious and asked he/she to go back, making sure all the parts that needed to go back did so, in their correct places. It felt like the creatures of the night returning to the darkness as the first rays of sunlight touched the sky. Freeeeeeeeeeeky.

But, 48 hours on, something amazing happened.


As of today I am three pounds down (from before the first session, I didn’t weigh myself at all last week). My eating has reduced massively. I am not quite craving, Exante products, but I am really looking forward to them and feel very satisfied after.

So both days I’ve eaten one ‘normal’ meal and the rest has been Exante. I’ve just finished the day with the sweet and sour noodles and my stomach feels full and round.

Walking around though, my stomach feels flat again and happy to be more empty.

Not only that, yesterday I re-downloaded my workout vids on itunes (had to go back to factory settings on laptop so all has gone into meltdown since) and actually did a Davina Super Body Workout, in the conservatory, in the dark so no one could watch me struggle. This used to be my go-to easy workout but I found it so much harder than before it was quite scary – I have lost a lot of fitness this summer – I lost my confidence with exercise, my sports bra is too tight and I just got out of it, so I’m hoping a week of home-workouts will get me back on it and make it easier to start something else.

Next week will be my third hypno gastric band session and I will get to ‘meet’ my surgeon. I don’t know if the gastric band is actually ‘going in’ or if that is the final week, but now I am really looking forward to it. I almost feel confident enough to be able to think about setting some goals. I have a couple of dates I want to aim towards and be slimmer by, and I actually feel like that could happen now.

My video on all this is still uploading, but I’ll add the link in the morning (assuming it doesn’t blow up YouTube overnight).

Until then, adios amigos!! There is less of me than there was!

Here’s the clip 🙂




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Hypno Gastric Band!

OMG – I’VE agreed to do it – the hypno gastric band!

In other words, I’m having gastric band surgery – in my mind. It’s all going to happen through hypnotherapy.

So just to recap, I met Kevin the hypnotherapist a few months ago at a networking event, we had a chat and he told me about the hypno gastric band, which he had had and then lost two stone (28 lbs) as a result.

I’ve never had hypnotherapy but I know people who have had success with hypnotherapy for smoking etc so it has stayed at the back of my mind for possibly helping me shed a few pounds. (And then, hopefully quite a few more!)

In October I have two events coming up – one is a reunion of old work colleagues and the other is I am going to take over as President of our local BNI group. The most hilarious thing ever as I never thought of myself as President material, but hey ho it’s happening!

I’ve piled loads of weight on over the summer – a mix of laziness, the heat, sitting at my computer, eating my stress away, and then just flippin eating – so it is definitely time to do something about it. I saw some photos of me recently when I did a presentation at another networking group and I looked bl**dy awful. I really don’t want to be presenting our business looking awful and I hate seeing myself look enormous on my YouTube channel.

So, if this Project Life is to be a Success, that has to include my Health as well as my Wealth!

I spoke to Kevin and frankly could not decide between these options:

1. Join a group session

2. Have some ‘normal’ hypnotherapy sessions targeting cravings etc

3. The hypno gastric band

The group sessions were cheaper but frankly I’m not too excited at the thought of talking about my failings to a group of strangers (although I’m happy to broadcast it to the world – how odd!)

The ‘normal’ sessions went a bit downhill when he started to ask what cravings I get. Apparently it’s hard to pin down ‘everything’.

I tried to explain that I wanted to be able to stick to my favourite diet – Exante – but he started going on about how diets don’t work, etc, how it’s best to make a lifestyle change etc. When as most overweight people know, if the lifestyle change was that flipping easy we would all have done it!

So I figured we wouldn’t get too far with that.

So… hypno gastric band it is!



I’ll report back!