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Back on Exante

It would be fair to say that my journey to lose 44lbs at the age of 44 has had its challenges.

The biggest challenge of all has been my inability to keep going.

Seriously, Exante is such a fantastic, effective diet I am furious with myself for being so weak. I know it can work – fast – as long as you stick to it.

I am in AWE of people on the Exante Diet official Facebook group who have stuck to it for months. And, of course, they’ve seen the results they deserve to see.

As for me, well I’ve fannied about, frankly, and after losing 22lbs earlier this year – so halfway to my goal – I’ve since stumbled.

In August I started again and after a strong start I fell at the third fence – or at least the start of week three. And then never recovered. And then I did what all really bad bloggers/YouTubers do, I disappeared. Partly in shame, partly in denial.

So today, Sunday, I weighed myself and decided to film the weight, more as a way for me to remember my weight than anything else. And then, as I waited for something to download, I checked in at YouTube. There were messages and comments that I hadn’t seen, asking where I was and how I was getting on.

I don’t know about you but when a total stranger takes the time to tell you they are missing your motivation, that is one jolt back into action.

So here we are folks. 12 stone 5 7/8ths lbs, or 173 7/8th lbs. A weight that I have circled around for years.

And a drawer full of Exante products. Back on it as of tomorrow!

Worth the Weight

I didn’t want to say anything too early, but I’ve just completed my first week back on the fantastic Exante Diet.

As part of my Project to develop a Successful Life, I am determined to make achieving a healthy weight a big part of it. And at the grand old age of 44, I decided to set my target at a reduction of 44lbs.

I lost 22 of those lbs a few months ago, documenting my progress on my YouTube channel. And then I lost focus and decided I would maintain for a while – yeah right – and got back into eating my own body weight on a regular basis, gaining 10 of those lbs back.

Plus, I’ve been so busy recently getting the business ready that I’ve almost forgotten what exercise is. Literally, hours of sitting at the computer, writing copy for the website, writing contracts, writing blog posts – or not! Even dog walks have been down to the bear minimum.

Last Sunday I woke up and just decided it was just time to get back on the Exante diet wagon. One of those unexpected but agreeable decisions that come from the feeling ‘enough is enough’.

This time, I decided I would record not just my weekly progress but daily – every mealtime in fact. That’s quite a commitment, as I discovered!

It’s also quite a lot of footage! Too much for one film! So I split the week into two – this is the first film covering Days 1-3:

The week ended on a real high at my weigh-in this morning with 6.5lbs gone – half a lb off half a stone!

Needless to say I feel so much better already – my stomach is flat(tish), I have more energy and my clothes are fitting more loosely.

Returning to the Exante products has literally been like meeting old friends again! Why I didn’t keep it going while ‘maintaining’ I will never know – I really could have replaced one meal every day with a product and that would have helped. I know now that is what I need to do to maintain, once I achieve my healthy goal weight of 146 lbs (10 stone 6lbs).

So I finished the week with this film.

I’ve been doing some affirmations recently (if you don’t know what they are, check out this article which explains all about them and gives some good examples you can use).

I’ve been reminding myself that:

“I am strong, focused and self-disciplined” because these are three areas I figured I needed some reminding about.

This week, I’ve felt stronger, more focused and more self-disciplined than ever. I actually feel that I am going to get to goal, and I’ve never, ever felt that certainty before.

Many successful people swear by the power of affirmations, but I have to admit I’ve never done them rigidly enough before to give them chance to work.

Could it be that I am experiencing some of their magical effect?! Whatever it is, I like it!





Taking a breather

Something amazing happened this week!

I decided, with everything that we have going on right now (selling our old home, business getting super busy, dog training, my parents here to stay, etc) that I would take a little break from losing weight.

The Exante Diet has been brilliant, but, as you’ll know if you’ve been following, I have been slightly less than brilliant. At least, my willpower has been on the weak side.

So, this week I took the pressure off and decided to let myself chill out for a few weeks. So did I stuff my face?

NO! The weirdest thing happened – as soon as I told myself I could have food, I so didn’t want it.

I did eat in the evenings – two days a homemade pasta in tomato sauce, one day Quorn fillets mixed with salad, but during the daytime I seriously didn’t want anything. So I ate my usual Exante products. And yet when I’m dieting I would kill for non-Exante stuff.

It’s official. I am a weirdo!

I weighed in at 12 stone 1lb and 1/8th this morning, so a slight increase on last week. Not unexpected, because yesterday Dean took me out for a candlelit lunch in the Asda cafe (so, not candlelit then!) in between pricing up jobs (seriously, that guy is just sooooo romantic) and I chose one of my favourite ever foods – baked potato with beans and cheese – yes, that’s me, queen of the fine diners.

And then when we got home I made some vegan ice cream by blitzing up frozen bananas with dates and a little water (sooooooo yum, I seriously recommend!)

The challenge now is to see if I can maintain my weight. If I can, it will be a great confidence boost and spur me on (hopefully) for the next 22 lbs. If I can’t, well, it looks like a future of reinforced mattresses and seat belt extenders awaits me ๐Ÿ™


I Should be Buzzing!

I really should! I should be yelling from the rooftops!

Last week was amazing, for three stunnalicious reasons:

Reason 1: Our house has sold!

For pretty much the asking price, meaning we will get some money to do up the property here and finally, finally, move forward.


Reason 2: I have finally reached the 11 stone bracket! (Just! – more on that later!)


Reason 3: I employed someone who I think is going to take our business to a whole new level!

The lovely Carla started as our VA (Virtual Assistant) on Wednesday and I could not take the smile off my face! She’s just fab, and the questions she was asking made me realise that with her energy and expertise we are set to fly!

So why am I not screeching with happiness?

No particular reason, really. Except that we (Dean and I) are both just exhausted.

We’ve just spent another weekend back at our old home, clearing it out ready for the sale, which completes – hopefully – next week (it was this week but the buyers pushed it back).

It is EXHAUSTING. Two hours drive each way, we’ve removed the built-in castle beds that Dean built for his boys, we’ve cleared the loft, cleared the garage… you name it, it’s been cleared.

And then there are so many little things, the things that seem to be never ending. We moved into that house in December, 2008, as a part time family of six. And although not all of Dean’s four children lived full time with us, it was a busy house. So many people coming and going, so much going on, not to mention dogs, rescued battery hens, rabbits, guinea pigs…

We’ve literally cleared tons of stuff out of that house. Toys, computers, clothes, socks, nerf guns, nerf gun bullets, old notebooks, piles and piles of bank papers, CDs, DVDs, videos, camping equipment, remote control cars, horsey stuff (mine), rat cages, bedding (SO much bedding!) – you name it, we’ve shifted it. As much as possible to charity/recycling.

Dean is going back there tomorrow so meet the charity people who are picking up the dining table and chairs and the welsh dresser. And then later in the week I will make the final journey back to do the last clean, read the meters and catch the goldfish in the pond (to relocate in my cousin’s pond). And then, hopefully oh hopefully, it will all be over and we’ll have some money in the bank.

Here is my solemn promise: I will never, EVER have so much STUFF in my life again!

Granted, I’ll probably never have a family with young children again, but even so, I am living streamlined from now on. You read it here first! Too many possessions weigh you down, sitting heavy like a solid chain around your neck when you want to move on.

So in between trips to the other side of the country and working with Carla to help her get her head around our business and Xero, the online accounting system we use, there hasn’t been too much time for weight loss. But I did manage to stick to the wonderful Exante Diet for nearly three days – Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday (broke it with a meal of Quorn fillets and salad, followed by a hot chocolate). Thursday was a food day, Friday was 100% back on it and I weighed in on Saturday as I knew I wouldn’t be here on Sunday.

11 stone 13 lbs and three-quarters! Woohoo! I’ve done it, made it into the 11s!

Not the biggest loss, granted, but I think I am accepting by now that I probably won’t be losing the next 21 3/4 lbs in huge leaps – unless I find a sudden burst of willpower this one will limp along. But, even a limper can reach the finishing line, I just have to make sure I keep going!

We might just need to sleep for a month first, which actually would probably be great for weight loss ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Here’s my latest vlog, I can’t believe how exhausted I look throughout most of it, my apologies!)









Halfway to GOAL!!!


I’ve lost 22 pounds on the Exante Diet! WOOHOOOO!!!!

Somehow, despite the struggles, the weak moments and the “I’m never going to do this” pitholes, I’ve managed hit the halfway to goal mark.

Twenty-two glorious pounds of fat gone forever.

Yup. A whole twenty and two wobble-a-thons are no longer wobbling around my person.

No longer hugging my inner organs, gripping my inner thighs or hanging heavily around my jawbone.

So to celebrate, and even though it is only Monday, I decided it was time for my first ever #fatfacefriday – here goes:

22 lbs down and I am halfway to my weight loss goal of 44 lbs off aged 44!

(How funny, that there are 22 lbs of flesh between these two photos, about 6 inches of hair, and yet I have still managed to wear a really dodgy fleece?! Some things never change!)

Pros to losing 22 pounds:

Clothes are looser (a lot looser!)
I look so much better
I feel amazing – streamlined and slim
I don’t hate looking in the mirror so much
It makes exercise easier (although I’ve not been very good at that recently)
It makes me feel that if I’ve got this far, I just might make it to the end of the weight loss journey!

Cons to losing 22 pounds:

I can’t think of too many, but I’ll be sure to post when I do!

So what is 22 pounds? One and a half stones, plus a pound, for the Brits. Just under 10 kilograms for the Europeans (9.97903 grams for the precision mathematicians). And, according to google, a toddler! (Exact age of toddler to be confirmed).

Frustratingly, I could have done it much quicker. If I stayed 100% on the Exante Diet plan, on its Total Solution plan, I could be losing 2-3 pounds a week, not just the 1 lb average I’ve been seeing. But, I guess I’m just never going to be that person, the one who gets on a diet and sticks to it religiously. Hey, I didn’t get into this position by being strict with my diet in the first place!

This week I’ve been pretty good (ie, 3 Exante Diet products per day) for about 3 days out of the week. The other days I have failed, either miserably or joyously, depending.

I still live in hope that I will suddenly turn a corner and find inner strength to keep me 100% longer than 72 hours, blasting myself into longterm ketosis and losing weight in a delirious fury of bad breath and a great relationship with my scales.

But I’m realistic. This is me, after all!

Anyway, who cares? I’m seeing results! Now that our business is starting to build momentum we have three networking events this month, and I will be able to wear a dress I could only have dreamed of wearing, with a confidence I wouldn’t have dared to imagine, just a very few weeks ago.

So I’ll take this victory! I’m so bloody grateful I found the Exante Diet and all its delicious, affordable food choices! I’ll take that weight loss, baby!




I’m not going to lie, I’m finding the Exante Diet hard at the moment. In fact, I’m finding any dieting hard right now. I could probably eat you, wherever you are!

At yesterday’s weigh-in, I gained weight for the first time in 7 weeks – just over a pound taking me to 12 stone 2lbs and 5/8s.

I wasn’t suprised, but I was disappointed. This last week has definitely been a week of two halves.

In the first half, willpower won. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all good dieting days, with 3 Exante products and small snacks (usually my addictive substance of banana with coconut almond butter smeared on – high calorie I know but super satisfying!) The scales on Wednesday clocked me in at 12 stone exactly.

I even went for a run on Wednesday night, managing just over 2 miles without stopping. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that for the first time since I started running with Foxy and Frankie, I decided to just stick my earphones in and enjoy my music – it’s amazing how much faster I go with some 90s trance hammering away at my brain! Without the music I was worrying about them far too much, but with my music on I could just get on with it, and of course they were fine.

Willpower most certainly lost on Thursday, and didn’t even put up a fight on Friday and Saturday. Leading to Sunday’s figures.


I really need this diet to work! As much as I want my health to improve, and I’d love to wear summer dresses, we are moving ahead with our business and I want to look as successful as we are in danger of becoming! And nothing screams success like slim!

This week I’m going to try eating a small meal on top of 3 products, maybe putting some ‘proper food’ in my stomach every day will make my willpower stronger.

I’ve also been thinking for some time about getting a personal trainer. We don’t really have spare funds yet and I would prefer to run with the dogs, instead of doing a workout and then taking them out for their walks when I get back home – I don’t really have the time for all that AND three businesses.

But, needs must. I have 30-Day shred on my laptop and I think I’ll give that a go. I always used to do a workout in my hotel room after a day’s filming and while the cold stone floors in the house here aren’t really conducive to working out, it’s time to take some drastic action!

Wish me luck in the week ahead!

On a brighter note, I tried one of the nicest Exante products yet – the Sweet and Sour Noodles! Yum! Along with two varieties of Raspberry and White Chocolate Chip cookies! There is seriously nothing wrong with this diet, it’s just me that is weak!!


The 20 lbs milestone

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Down 1 lb at my weigh in today, bringing my total weight loss since January to… 20 lbs!!

So my weight today is 12 stone 2 (170 lbs) down from 13 stone 8 (190 lbs) at that first weigh in – and ONCE AGAIN I have found myself feeling eternally grateful that I discovered the Exante Diet!

Thanks Exante Diet!

(Just in case you’re catching up, there was no weight loss going on from around January 26 through March 12, so all the loss has happened in just 7 weeks, 2 in January and 5 just gone).

I COULD have lost lots more. Although I am finding the Exante Diet to be excellent, I am only managing a few days when I am completely sticking to just three products a day, the Exante optimum weight loss plan. I’m not even sticking to the Exante-products-plus-a-little-bit-of-food plan, because I haven’t read the instructions.

I’m just bumbling along, doing the best I can and eating when I feel I need to, plus occasionally when I don’t, generally making good food choices and sometimes making really bad ones.

I reckon I could lose 3 lbs a day on Exante if I was strict, but I just don’t seem to have it in me. But, a loss of 20 lbs is taking me close to my target weight loss of 44 lbs so I’m pretty pleased. There’s no way I would have got this far if it wasn’t for Exante.


So today I spotted the cutest little spring dress in a shop window. On May 3rd – just two and a half weeks away – a friend has asked me to speak at an event he is organising. Terrifying – or at least it will be once I let myself think about it!

But what will make it slightly less terrifying will be if I don’t have to be worrying about my weight when I am standing in front of a roomful of people.

So I’ve decided, if I am not going to be able to fully limit my eating, I need to crank up the exercise.

This evening I replaced the dog walk with a run. Ok, let me rephrase that – a run/walk/breathless stagger kind of run.

Running was tough today. I got my period this morning so I’m stocked up with painkillers and I got so cold sitting upstairs working, I was half-tempted to cut the run short after the first 10 minutes. But the dogs need the exercise, and so I stuck it out, and sure enough managed to finish strong.

When we got back I had Dean take these photos. They’re not exactly flattering, but they should serve as useful for when I reach my goal another 24 lbs down the line. I didn’t take many photos back in January but looking at these it’s probably a good job I didn’t! At least Foxy and Frankie look completely gorgeous!!

I’ve been feeling quite skinny recently but looking at these will help remind me I still have a long way to go – I shall keep them to refer to for inspiration whenever I have a weak moment!

I never realised quite how fantastic running with dogs would be. We’ve only been a few times but we all love it (at least I do when I can breathe!) and I would say it has brought us closer together. I really hope I keep it up.

Here’s today’s video:

Keep on keeping on, folks!










Weight Loss Journey – weeks 3 and 4 – and chocolate

So it’s Week Five of my Exante Diet 2017 Weight Loss Extravaganza… and I’m hanging on in there.

The facts:

Week 3 – April 2 – down 3lbs – new weight 12 stone 4 lbs (172lbs)

Week 4 – April 9 – down 1lb – new weight 12 stone 3 lbs (171 lbs)

Ok, I’m going to be honest now, I have cheated at times.

And ‘cheat’ is the word to use, because I’m so annoyed at myself!

It really was all going so well. I even joined the Exante Diet Facebook Group’s 30-day April Challenge – 30 days of nothing but Exante products – just one measly month of self-control – and so far I’ve barely managed more than a couple of days.

Must get back in focus.



Ok, I heard ya.

Today has gone pretty well, but as the Easter weekend approaches I just know the village will be full of tourists eating ice creams (the weather is forecast to be warm) and omitting that general relaxed, hey-let’s-get-some-food holiday vibe from their pores. You know, the kind of vibe that makes you think, ooh, I’ll have some holiday food too… I mean, I deserve a break…

And then there’s the Easter eggs… (nooooooo please, for the love of God, don’t mention the chocolate Easter eggs!)

Oh, you did. You mentioned the chocolate Easter eggs…! ย  ๐Ÿ™

(I am sooo hoping that I don’t fall victim to the curse of Easter Eggs, and that I don’t have to admit you next week that something terrible has happened. Like I was cast under a spell forcing me to gorge my own body weight in chocolate, but forever cursed never to be satisfied. Oh, wait, that’s pretty much real life. Yikes!)

Anyway, I’ve done some soul searching these past couple of weeks and I’ve realised one reason why I am letting myself fail – ie, succumb to ‘proper food’.

I love love LOVE the Exante Diet Indian Daal curry pot, right? And what’s not to love – they’re filling, so tasty, just like a really good Indian meal, and amazingly convenient, just add hot water and they cook in their pot. This is the bad boy himself:

I ran out of them a couple of weeks ago, so I’m trying to eat all the other foods in my special Exante Diet drawer of delights, but not everything is hitting the right spot…

My drawer of Exante Diet products!

So last night came my epiphany: if not having my favourite things means I’m struggling to stick to Exante, then I need to ensure I have my favourite things. Easy!

I immediately logged on to the Exante website, hit an order for 10 Indian Daals (and ok yes, a few more products as well) and pressed Pay Now…

The new Indian Daals and friends should be joining the delights already in my Exante Diet Drawer within the next few days*.

And then I will have NO excuses!

(*Seriously this is why I love Exante. No consultant to weigh me, no appointment to book, just the freedom of late night shopping and knowing that whatever I order will arrive pretty soon after. LOVE EXANTE!)


On a brighter note, I have been doing some serious exercise recently. The lighter nights have been perfect for getting out further and further with the dogs. I haven’t run this week, but Sunday and Wednesday we did some monster walls, climbing steep fells and clocking up a few good miles each time. Plus some pretty wobbly legs.

Here’s my latest video of my week 4 weigh in, filmed on location… at the top of a fell, obvs:

Good luck for Easter wherever you are! Here’s hoping the chocolate monster doesn’t attack any of us!




Weight loss 2017 – Exante Diet Week 2

I’ve done it – managed two whole weeks on the Exante Diet.

AND survived a second weigh in – just!

It’s been a week of two halves for my weight loss.ย  Sunday through Wednesday were great, so easy, no hunger! (Except for an overdose of coconut almond butter on Tuesday night, ahem).

Then on Thursday it was time for time of the month (always a great party) and so I felt a little allowance was in order. Oh, flaky fool that I am!

So Thursday plodded on by, albeit brightened up by a chicken sandwich and a hot chocolate, and Friday promised to be a brighter affair.

The scales, however, didn’t agree. Following my weigh in at 12 stone 9lbs last Sunday (187lbs) I was delighted to see a 2 lb weight loss on the scale on Wednesday.

After Wednesday though, the scales rocketed – even as high as 12 stone 12 on Saturday. I could have wept.

The second week is notorious for delivering poor losses, and especially once I came on I knew my hopes of losing 3lbs this week were looking unlikely.

But seeing the scales creep up so high really knocked me, and Saturday I fought hard to keep cravings at bay (not that hard – I did succumb to a couple of bananas and three handfuls of peanuts). Then I padded out my red bean chilli with some broccoli and chicken which seemed to finally satisy me.

So I was completely dreading stepping on the scales this morning… and relief flooded the entire room when I saw 12 stones 7 lbs again! (and 5/8ths)

It made me realise just how important it is to me to see the scales dropping. Not seeing a loss gives a reason for that little voice to creep in, the one that tells me the weight doesn’t matter, I’m happy as I am, and reminds me how good certain foods are.

When I lost weight two years ago I was away on long filming trips so didn’t get chance to weigh in regularly, so I’ve never really tracked my weight through my cycle.

Well, hopefully that has cycled off for a few weeks and I am hoping for a good thirdย  weigh-in in a week’s time.

Here’s how this week looked:

Have a great week!