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Taking a breather

Something amazing happened this week!

I decided, with everything that we have going on right now (selling our old home, business getting super busy, dog training, my parents here to stay, etc) that I would take a little break from losing weight.

The Exante Diet has been brilliant, but, as you’ll know if you’ve been following, I have been slightly less than brilliant. At least, my willpower has been on the weak side.

So, this week I took the pressure off and decided to let myself chill out for a few weeks. So did I stuff my face?

NO! The weirdest thing happened – as soon as I told myself I could have food, I so didn’t want it.

I did eat in the evenings – two days a homemade pasta in tomato sauce, one day Quorn fillets mixed with salad, but during the daytime I seriously didn’t want anything. So I ate my usual Exante products. And yet when I’m dieting I would kill for non-Exante stuff.

It’s official. I am a weirdo!

I weighed in at 12 stone 1lb and 1/8th this morning, so a slight increase on last week. Not unexpected, because yesterday Dean took me out for a candlelit lunch in the Asda cafe (so, not candlelit then!) in between pricing up jobs (seriously, that guy is just sooooo romantic) and I chose one of my favourite ever foods – baked potato with beans and cheese – yes, that’s me, queen of the fine diners.

And then when we got home I made some vegan ice cream by blitzing up frozen bananas with dates and a little water (sooooooo yum, I seriously recommend!)

The challenge now is to see if I can maintain my weight. If I can, it will be a great confidence boost and spur me on (hopefully) for the next 22 lbs. If I can’t, well, it looks like a future of reinforced mattresses and seat belt extenders awaits me 🙁


Success without fulfillment is failure: True or False?

Tony Robbins is the absolute KING of motivational speaking and has been a big part in turning around my own mindset and limiting beliefs.

Here he is at his best:


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