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Stop Complaining and Get Grateful!

I LOVE this lady, Terri Savelle Foy!

Her clear and compassionate films offer guidance and support for almost all life’s challenges.

I always feel better when I listen to her.

This film is definitely worth putting 10 minutes aside to listen to – and then put her suggestion into practice.

It could actually send you leaping forward over whatever hurdles are holding you back right now – so enjoy!



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Happy near-end of 2016!

Merry Christmas! I hope yesterday was wonderful for you, whether or not you celebrate the actual festival, and I hope you have been able to take some time out from the busy rush of everyday life.

We closed Dean’s construction business on December 22nd until January 3rd, so, asides from the mountain of paperwork I still need to go through – more of that in a later post – we’ve actually been able to take some time off, which has been wonderful.

I discovered a fantastic app called Enlight which allows you to do amazing things with photos on your phone – so I couldn’t resist sharing this of the girls on Christmas morning!


Yesterday was a quiet, pretty steady day – just me, Dean and his youngest son Sam, aged 15. Plus the dogs, of course. Even though it was just the three of us, there were all the phone calls to the rest of the family, text messages and of course the constant stream of Facebook posts to answer, so it felt busy even if we weren’t too crazy!

Even so, if we can find the time, Christmas is always a good opportunity as the end of the year approaches, to take stock of what we have achieved so far.

Dean and I covered this in our final 2016 call with our business mentor just a week ago. It really was so helpful. The thing with a mentor or coach is they will ask you what you want to work on with each call, so that you take responsibility for your own journey, and it felt appropriate to look towards the next 12 months and where we want Dean’s business to be (and also I couldn’t think of anything else to suggest!)

The start of a new year is, for me, much more than just another new month – it really can be an opportunity for a fresh start. Just imagine, 12 whole undiscovered months lying ahead, each one filled with the potential for fun, achievement and success!

Although I am painfully aware of how far we still have to go until we achieve true Life Success, I have to admit that 2016 has been pretty awesome for us both in terms of our pathway to success. The call with our mentor helped us both to see that – we made some big decisions in that call.

But if I’m going to do it properly, I need to write a list of those achievements, which I will do in my next post.

Then, we can start to look ahead to not only what 2017 will bring, but what WE can bring to the next 12 months to make them better than ever before.

So, I need to do another list – of our goals for 2017.

I’ve written before about goal setting, because it can be really hard to actually pinpoint what we want in life. If you are not particularly materialistically-minded, like me, it can be even more difficult to write that list.

But how good it will be if, at the end of December 2017, I have a list of things I can tick off!

I speak to so many people who say they never set New Year Resolutions, which seems strange. Why would people not even TRY to improve their lives? Fair enough, I may not achieve everything, but at least by setting some targets I’m giving myself the opportunity to play the game.

So, losing weight, earning more, growing our businesses and building our property portfolio are all going to be on list – call it Goals, Aims or New Year Resolutions.

(I’m setting to start my diet on Monday, January 9th. I know it’s a week or so into the new year, but there’s still probably going to be some good food left over on January 1st, and I want to reduce the opportunities for failure as much as possible. My box of Exante diet products has arrived and I’m going to shoot a video to post on my YouTube channel as I unpack everything – I’ve had a quick peek but nothing more so I’m excited to take a look.)

But before that, my immediate goals to do BEFORE the end of 2016 are to write two posts – one of my/our achievements and one to set my/our 2017 goals. There, I’ve said it, and I’m about to hit Publish – so I HAVE to do them now!!!

Thanks for reading!



Project: Life Success – changing career aged 40+, building my own business & making a success of my life!





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How to Make Money Online

Need to earn some money?

Here are 10 Suggestions of Different Ways to Make Money Online:


  1. Set up a Writing Website.

Can you write? You’ll be surprised how many other people can’t. But writing is an absolutely crucial skill in today’s world. Many employers admit they won’t even finish reading a CV or covering letter which has spelling or grammar mistakes. So if you can write, you could easily help others.

Set up a website offering your writing services. If you don’t know how to build a website then a Facebook page is free. Advertise your services and offer to write CVs, letters, notifications – anything that someone might need.

  1. Register as an affiliate.

Most people don’t know but many big companies, from Amazon to B&Q offer affiliate programmes that you can join. You’ll get your own personal link with which to post products. Then you attract traffic to your blog, website or Facebook page, whatever, and promote products on that page. You’ll collect a percentage of any sales that you create.

  1. Become a freelancer.

What skills do you have? Can you do Photoshop? Can you build websites? Can you do a 5-minute film of yourself speaking gobbledegook cross-eyed, wearing a sieve on your head? Great – someone, somewhere will want you!

Register with one of the freelance sites like and sell your services. From serious, business services to fun, gimmicky stuff for people’s birthdays etc, there’s someone looking for everything, even if they don’t actually know they are looking for it!

  1. Become a photographer.

Do you have a camera? Probably, if you have a smartphone. The world is desperate for photos – and increasingly, for video footage.

Register as a contributor to one of the photography websites like or and every time someone buys one of your images or footage you’ll earn some money.

  1. Work as a Virtual Assistant, or VA.

Look out of your window. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you are probably surrounded by people who are running their own small businesses. Plumbers, builders, artists, writers, therapists, cake decorators – the list is endless. It’s hard work, and at the end of a long day not everyone is willing or able to start on the admin.

You could offer a service doing bookkeeping, receipt filing, data entry – basically anything a small business could need. You could even offer a call answering service so their customers don’t get stuck with talking to an answerphone.

You charge an agreed hourly or monthly amount and they get a great service that they don’t have to worry about. It’s a win win!

  1. Learn to build websites

Learn how to build websites and start your own web design/web hosting company. HG affiliate. Every business needs a website. And despite the success of companies offering build-your-own website services, there are still plenty of people out there who would rather pay someone else to do it. In fact, many of them will probably buy into a build-your-own website, get so far then get frustrated and need someone to take it off their hands. Could that be you?

Sounds complicated? Yep, it does. But learning to build a basic site is not actually that difficult. Here at Little Red Horse we recommend sites are built on the WordPress platform. It’s dependable, adaptable, easy to learn and best of all – it’s free!

Search online for WordPress courses local to you. There are also many online courses plus books like WordPress for Dummies, which tells you everything you need to know.

You then need to host the sites. We recommend Hostgator. Their hosting agreements start from literally a few dollars per month. As you can charge your customers up to £25 per month just to host one site you can easily start growing a passive income. Plus, building websites is actually really good fun!

  1. Start an e-commerce shop.

The best thing about the internet is it is a great leveller. It really is possible for a one person start-up to compete against bigger companies. Where once you needed premises, staff and a huge marketing budget to get yourself seen on the high street, that’s no longer necessary.

Thousands of people have mastered the rules of online selling – and that’s because they’re simple. Buy products cheap, and sell them for more than you paid.

One of the greatest marketplaces of all is Amazon. Its FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service means your stock goes directly to Amazon’s warehouses and is then shipped directly to your customer from there. You don’t even need to see your own stock!

Selling on Amazon can be a rollercoaster ride, though – speaking from experience – so you might want to think about learning on a course to learn. Unlimited Success run a great Amazon masterclass from their headquarters in Peterborough.

  1. Unleash your inner Expert!

What do you know? EVERYONE knows more than most people about at least one thing. So let the world know what you know. Write a book (it could even be an Ebook), start a blog, set up your own YouTube channel. Establish yourself as an expert and market yourself so that people know about you. Get invited on to local radio. Become the local go-to person in your area, or even on the world stage, depending on your speciality.

  1. Answer Questions!

Set up a Question and Answer website – people pose questions and you answer them for a small cost, or monthly membership fee. This could run hand in hand with number 8 – use your expertise. Have you raised 6 children? How about a site offering help and advice to other parents? Do your onions always win at the local agricultural show? Lots of other people out there want to know how you’ve done it!

  1. Become an Amazon reviewer.

Ok, it’s not actually making money but it is getting loads of discount stuff. First, you need to buy some products on Amazon and review them, so you build up a reviewer profile. Then, join a group like and take your pick from the hundreds of products posted there at discount, by sellers in need of a good review. Always remember to include this disclaimer in your review: “I received this product at a discount for my honest review”.

Oh – there’s just one downside – you might need to build/buy some larger storage furniture to keep all the random pieces you will accumulate!



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I’ve done it!

Today was, truly, momentous!

I received confirmation from HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, no less – that my businesses are officially incorporated as Limited companies.

My online e-commerce business and my lil baby marketing company officially exist!

Because of the costs involved in running a limited company, I will actually put them into dormant mode, as soon as the paperwork arrives from HMRC (I’ve been told I can do that and I sure hope I can).

Then I’ll continue to run them both as a sole trader, until I earn enough to warrant having an accountant and doing all the regular accountancy shenanigans that a limited company would require. But at least the names will be registered.

So exciting to receive the Certificate by email, and quite emotional too… 🙂


Our renovation business has a second employee!

The wonderful A has joined us, initially for 2 hours a week to do the paperwork, filing receipts, completing jobs and so on.

Actually it’s a role that I think will start basic but grow.

A is a formidable character who won’t be afraid to demand receipts/accounts/details from D and I – and we’ll be scared enough of her to make sure we deliver them. Just who we need to move our business forward.

I felt quite proud as I sat with her today and went through our systems. We really do have the foundations right. My very basic spreadsheets all make sense and even my colour coding didn’t look too frivolous. Now we just need to continue putting the bricks into the walls in the right order and keep building this baby 🙂

Attitude of Gratitude Attracting Income Change your life Change your Mindset Marie Forleo Overcoming Doubt Personal fulfillment Positive action

Great video about your brand

Building a brand and increasing brand identity can be a big challenge for small businessowners and can become a lower priority compared to everything else that needs to be done.

I’ve found Marie Forleo REALLY helpful in all sorts of business development areas and I hope you’ll agree she’s spot on in this video.

Also, she has amazing hair.