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Exante diet day 7 – Disaster and Salvation!

VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). Day 7 – January 15th 2017

Sunday Morning Weakness – the Croissant Crash

Hmmmmph. You know when I posted about eating not always being due to hunger? You know, when I talked about emotional eating, ritual and habits?

Yeah, that.

So today Dean and I got up super early and took the dogs out for a long walk. It was no mean feat – first we had to take old boy Sam out as a long distance is too much for him, then give them all a half feed, and then sneak out before Sam realised what was happening.

Following our visit by the dog behaviourist we have both upped our assertiveness and that includes our walking speed, so we practically power-walked our way around 5 miles. It was great! And to say I’ve been eating hundreds rather than thousands of calories for the past week, in all honesty I could not tell. Actually, it has been AGES since I walked so far and I thought I might crash halfway round, but this ketosis malarky is superb, trust me!

But then we walked back through the village, past the queue for croissants at the village shop (best croissants ever!) and back home the little voice inside my head reminding me “It’s Sunday morning, everyone has coffee and croissants on Sunday morning” just would not be quiet. Not that I tried very hard to make it go quiet.

So somehow I ended up back at the shop buying “Two croissants please”, oh, you only have one left… a pain au chocolat then please… and back home they were about to be the best things ever – except just before my first mouthful a neighbour from one of our rented properties called to say they’d had a power cut, the alarm was going off and did I have the number as the tenant had given her a spare key but no alarm number (I trust this neighbour implicitly). As she filled me in on the comings and goings of everyone in the little cul de sac – which I moved out of over 10 years ago and barely know anyone anymore – the still-warm pastries cooled and the moment vanished and really I should have put them in the bin.

But of course I didn’t. My very, very bad. But they were still good.

But then something amazing happened. Just as I wrote the rest of the day off, and started to wonder what other delights I could get my mouth on, I remembered the bars in the Exante box.

The Chocolate and Coconut bar was my salvation! It tasted just as good as earlier in the week and filled a very dangerous gap… sadly for only a short time, as I spent the rest of the day lurching between sticking on plan and giving myself a day off (well, it was Sunday – whatever that means?)

Dean headed over to the driving range to practice his golf in the middle of the day, leaving me to work on prepping some quotes we have been doing for clients. It was dangerous of him to leave me in this half-weak state, and sure enough I finished half a bag of turkey and maple syrup M&S crisps and wolfed a few handfuls of salted peanuts (there was me thinking all the good things had been cleared out of the house).

By late afternoon I gave the Tiramisu shake a try. Very yum! Although not terribly Tiramisu. But who cares! It is amazing, frankly, how filling the shakes are, and how they manage to curb cravings.

The chocolate niggle never left, so meal 3 was the Chocolate and Caramel Bar – eeeeeeek, how delish! (A definite sweet theme going on today!)

So that’s three bars so far, all with a giant tick of approval. Exante-licious, if I may be so bold.

The nights are getting lighter!

Assuming you are also in the northern hemisphere, I hope wherever you are that the nights are getting lighter. Here the difference from December 21st, only 25 days ago, is quite incredible. I don’t think I noticed January being so light before, it must be due to us being so far north. But doesn’t north mean more darkness??? Or is it possible for one year to be lighter than another? Is that even a thing?

Tonight I left the house at 5.15 and headed out with the dogs, putting my torch away as we crossed the fields as we just didn’t need it. It was a wonderful walk, as usual no one else around so I could take Frankie’s muzzle off and let her enjoy her favourite pastime of chewing branches in the river.

The darkness of winter has been very liberating in its emptiness, and I find myself dreading the lighter nights and the crowds of people everywhere. Especially with a large, reactive rescue dog. We really need to get to work on where we are going to live next and how, because I really don’t want to be living in the centre of the village in summer.

The lights of the village pub twinkled as we headed home, and I was half-tempted to suggest to Dean that we went for a meal. Part of me could just have eaten some good, proper food. But then back home all I wanted was water. This Exante diet is quite staggering in how little food now fills me.

Podcast – Michael Gerber – The E-Myth – talking to Stephan Spencer

I’ve started listening to podcasts recently. Rob Moore of Progressive Property does some great podcasts along with a 10-minute ‘caffeine cast’ which is fab if you just want a quick, sharp hit. But today I landed on a podcast by Stephan Spencer, called Marketing Speak. He was talking with the great Michael Gerber, the genius who wrote The E-Myth. It is two years now since Dean and I began turning our lives into success stories and that book played a big part back at the beginning.

It was wonderful to hear Michael talk about vision statements and mission statements – basically, what you are going to be, and then how you are going to get there. Now that we have decided on the niche his business will go in – bathrooms – we can really, really start to build the dream of what we want it to be, and then get to work on getting there.

In the evening we called over to see the neighbour whose bathroom we will begin this week, it was so good to chat through everything as this is a project that has truly evolved. As we left it struck me how most people probably would not spend nearly two hours with a client on Sunday evening.

I insisted Dean listened to the podcast while I took the dogs on their final walk, and it got him so fired up again.

Life is good. Tomorrow is my first weigh-in (let’s see if the croissants show up!) Dean’s business finally has a purpose and a mission. I will put my own businesses on to a back seat slightly while we concentrate on this one. That’s fine – this has to take priority – and it is doing, that’s why we spend Sunday evening talking with a client – we both want a business we can be proud of, and one we can sell. If in three years’ time we can make enough to buy a farm in Yorkshire then all this hard work will be worth it.

I am conscious, though, that already we are two weekends into 2017. The year is already slipping away so fast, and there is so much we have to do.

I – we – don’t have a second to waste.


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