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In the edit suite…

Happy Monday!

I’m editing today… or at least, I’m prepping for the edit. I’m busy converting many, many hours of media into a format that will work with Final Cut Pro.

It’s all a bit basic, but I decided there’s no point upgrading my equipment until I have a proper office to base myself in.

The project is a film I started last summer, about the village where I live. The bridge on the main road was damaged by Storm Desmond in winter 2015 and has been out of use ever since. There is another way into the village, but some local businesses have been affected.

So, I decided to make a film about the village being open. Kind of a good deed and also a good way of letting people know that I am around.

As I’ve gotten busier and busier, editing the film has moved further down the list of priorities. Sometimes, though, it’s just a case of deciding to do something. It is hoped there will be a new bridge in place in a few months’ time so I need the film to be out there by then.

So here goes! Lots of work ahead! Luckily I really enjoy the editing process, and the footage is all looking really good, so I’m in for quite a few long but enjoyable days and nights.

Of course, I’ll be posting the film up here when it’s done 🙂


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