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In the edit suite…

Happy Monday!

I’m editing today… or at least, I’m prepping for the edit. I’m busy converting many, many hours of media into a format that will work with Final Cut Pro.

It’s all a bit basic, but I decided there’s no point upgrading my equipment until I have a proper office to base myself in.

The project is a film I started last summer, about the village where I live. The bridge on the main road was damaged by Storm Desmond in winter 2015 and has been out of use ever since. There is another way into the village, but some local businesses have been affected.

So, I decided to make a film about the village being open. Kind of a good deed and also a good way of letting people know that I am around.

As I’ve gotten busier and busier, editing the film has moved further down the list of priorities. Sometimes, though, it’s just a case of deciding to do something. It is hoped there will be a new bridge in place in a few months’ time so I need the film to be out there by then.

So here goes! Lots of work ahead! Luckily I really enjoy the editing process, and the footage is all looking really good, so I’m in for quite a few long but enjoyable days and nights.

Of course, I’ll be posting the film up here when it’s done ๐Ÿ™‚


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Setting goals and hitting milestones

Successful people set goals.

We hear that all the time.

For some reason, I have a problem with setting goals.

Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like I’m far enough along my own journey to even have goals in sight.

Which is silly, and actually it is probably more a case of me not taking the time to sit down and set some goals.

Oh, so, I’m just being lazy! Unlike this lady, who has clearly goalled herself into total world domination:


Ok, so, I just blog-shamed myself into action.

I WILL set myself some goals. In fact, my goal is to set myself some goals before the end of this week.

Up until now, I have preferred not to set myself goals, but I have definitely recognised and celebrated when I have hit milestones.

(I can see clearly how short-sighted this is. Milestones are great, but you have to set yourself goals to work towards them. AND set a time deadline to achieve them. Ok, I have SERIOUSLY talked myself into setting goals!)

Anyway, back to Milestones. Because, last week, I hit three:


Last week I was finally able to make our first donation from Foxy Loves Pet Store to the ASPCA.

The reasons I started out in business and began this journey was to improve my own life. Coming a close second was my desire to improve the lives of others.

On the Foxy Loves Amazon page, we share some love by donating to the ASPCA every time a customer leaves a review on our Amazon product pages, such as our denim dog harnesses.

Last week we made our first donation of $100! I hope it’s the first of many, and I hope the amounts will increase as Foxy Loves grows. And I guess, although I never wrote it into a list, making the decision to donate was a goal.

It sure feels good to have achieved it!


Our SECOND product finally reached our Amazon store!!

I can’t tell you how excited I am! Honestly, it has been so hard to move forward, I have felt like I’ve been stuck for months. But we’ve finally got there.

The cute, paw-print fleece pet blanket is just perfect for winter. We have loved the samples we’ve been testing. They have so many uses and are a really useful addition to any pet lover’s wardrobe, so hopefully we will sell a few as gifts also.

Our next product is also on its way from China, these are truly exciting times!


I have started vlogging! Like, proper vlogging! Like, making a commitment to a vlog!

Project Life Success now has a YouTube channel. And the plan is that this blog and my YouTube vlog will go alongside each other.

Going public has been really scary and it was a big decision but at the same time something just feels right about it. If I am to share my journey in making a success of my life, changing my career and becoming my own boss, then I might as well do it properly.

So, I’m out there. Albeit in a very small way. Which is fine, because I have to say I’m not very good – yet!

But hopefully things will get better, and I might even get some YouTube followers.

I suppose I should set goals for that, too. But right now I just feel like I’m hurtling forwards on this great unknown train and literally anything could happen – and it’s hard to set goals when you’re clinging on for dear life!

ps – if you like it, please hit Subscribe and the thumbs up button!


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When pups revolt!

It’s the start of a new week – and probably the most exciting week yet since I began selling on Amazon almost a year ago.

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged much recently. Through all the excitement it has been a challenging time, and I’ll blog about that soon.

Hopefully, though, things are on the up – the first deliveries of our second and third products are literally on their way to Amazon in the US as I type – yes folks, I have finally got off the first rung of the ladder and am able to add to my inventory!

Moving on from that first product is something that the people who teach how to sell on Amazon don’t often talk about, but I’m not the only person I know who got stuck – not making any or enough money with product one, and struggling to source new products at good enough quality to sell.

Topped off with totally running out of the last of my savings just at the crucial time when I needed to pay for everything, and it has been pretty stressful.

But, things are finally moving forward, so, to accompany the products, a photo shoot was needed. I’ve already taken numerous photos of course, using the samples, and our wonderful designer Ryan has worked his magic. But I still needed more to show how the two products – beautiful warm fleece blankets and a super-cosy pad that reflects heat back at the sleeping pet – can be used, so both Foxy and Frankie were loaded in the car and I took some shots.

You can see from the video what happened when we got home …

(Obviously such behaviour is not tolerated.. but thankfully both girls have me well trained. When they both did eventually emerge, they allowed me to take them on a long walk! Such forgiving souls!)

Life with three dogs, including two young, big dogs, is really busy and can be challenging at times.

Possibly owning a large number of dogs and starting three businesses at the same time might not have been the best idea. But hey, it’s happened and nothing beats walking them on a crisp morning like today, kicking our way through the leaves and squinting in the low sunlight, and of course, they make all the long hours, late nights and early mornings worthwhile.

I can’t help but feel very lucky to be in the position I’m in, finally getting to do what I’ve always wanted to do, to run my own business and be my own boss. In a beautiful place. And no matter how tough it gets, I have so much to be glad for.


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One more Angel…

Although I am focused on being positive as my life moves forward, tonight I’m letting a little sadness in.

Tomorrow will be the funeral of my cousin’s wife, Angela. She was taken very cruelly at the age of only 55. Diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of July, she didn’t even last two months.

I haven’t seen much of Angela in recent years as our lives have moved along very different paths, but back in my early 20s I saw her often. I’m sure my cousin Robert won’t mind me telling you that she turned his life around, giving him stability and focus.

As our lives drifted, I always remembered her kindness and how eager she was to help anyone whenever she could.

It’s only recently that I have realised what a talented businesswoman she was too. She was a childminder, and so much more. Over the years she (and her daughter Sally, who worked with her) have cared for literally hundreds of children and it’s safe to say they were not only a big part of their local community, they pretty much held it together. They ran children’s groups at church, held before and after school clubs, organised days away and were always there to help advise struggling new parents.

She epitomised what to me is the best in business. She ran a profitable business, but used her success to let her do what she wanted – to help others. Not in a loud, ‘look at me’ way, but just by being a good neighbour. Like, a really, really good neighbour. I’m sure she did make money, but it never took her far from her community or changed her from the person she was.

It’s so cruel that she was taken at such a young age, when she had so much life, love and laughter left in her. So sad that her community – which has tragically also suffered two horrific murders in the last 12 months – should lose such a powerful force.

But it’s also so important to remember that none of us know how long we have left. No one has any idea whether they will still be here in a year’s time or in fifty year’s time. We must grasp the moment we have, right now, and fill it with as much as we can. We literally cannot afford to waste a single moment.

Angie’s death is so tragic, the only way I can find anything positive in it is by ensuring that her memory inspires me to try harder, do even more, and be thankful, oh so very thankful, for everything I have.

Heaven has another Angel tonight.