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A Wasted Journey… almost

So it could have been infuriating.

On Wednesday night Dean and I left Cumbria for the 223-mile journey down to Peterborough.

We were due on the Joint Venture course at Progressive Property*. Two whole days of learning how to work with investors – which agreements to use, how to ensure we stay well within the law and within agreements that will work for us, any potential investors and everyone else.

Wednesday was a crazy day. Hey, every day is crazy for us!

My parents have come to stay for a month (I enrolled them in Sam-and-dog-sitting some weeks ago), and just before they arrived Dean decided to take down a wall and the old ceiling in their en suite. Then he found the existing shower was faulty. Then, both jobs we had ongoing developed unexpected issues. So, everything fell behind schedule and when my parents arrived, wearily stepping into the house after a long, long drive, the room was still filthy and full of tools and Dean was flustered and busy with hours ahead.

Naturally, one of our neighbours/friends who has been incredibly supportive then called to say her bath was leaking into the floor below.

It was also enrolment night for Sam at his new college course.

We had an appointment booked with potential bathroom clients which I had provisionally aimed at approximately 5.30pm.

So the plan was to casually swan off, all ready and prepared at 4.30pm, pop into college with Sam, then leave him settling in with all his new friends and with money to take the train home while we headed south, via the potential clients.

Of course that didn’t happen!

At 4pm, with Dean still hard at work, I took my mum and the dogs up to the field so she could see what to do when it came to walking them.

At 4.50pm I took Sam into college, he enrolled, but of course we couldn’t leave him, they needed to speak to me. Apparently adults are still responsible for young people, even once they have reached the dizzy age of 16!

Dean and I finally left at 6.30pm, got to the friend/neighbour’s who had by then gone out, we made it to the client’s house at 7pm – they want to go ahead, which is good news – and eventually set off on the long road south at 8 pm.

And then came the final disaster. As we neared the final 90 minutes of the journey, the A1 was closed with a diversion in place. It took us on a wide tour of central England, a long line of diverted traffic crawling through sleeping villages and past dark farms, as we argued over whether we should stick to the diversion or follow a different route using our phones. It was well past midnight by the time we got to the hotel and entered our stale smoke-filled room. The mattress was pretty lumpy and uncomfortable – a little like a water bed, wobbling every time one of us moved.

We arrived at Progressive Property towers just before 9;30am on Thursday feeling absolutely shattered. Even through my exhaustion I sensed something was wrong when I saw the small group of peple gathered there, with trainers I recognised from a different course – I’ve done plenty of courses at Progressive, I usually can’t recommend them highly enough.

My sinking feeling turned out to be right. The course had been cancelled some weeks earlier and for some reason I was never notified. It was pretty mortifying after the long drive and the cost of the fuel, hotel and, most importantly, our TIME.

But, it was my own fault for not checking and, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems extremely stupid to have set off for such a long way without double checking the event was still on. (In my defense, all the courses I’ve attended previously at Progressive Property have all run as planned, in fact they’ve all without fail been absolutely superb learning.)

We returned to the hotel in a disappointed daze, gutted to have wasted so much time, but determined to make the best of it that we could. We popped to the shopping centre next to the hotel and bought some new shirts for Dean (he was a man in desperate need of a few shirts!) Then we set  off for home feeling shattered and resentful and dreaming of the wonderful sleep we would have had that night if we were at home. As Dean drove, I leaned against my pillow and tried – failed – to sleep.

And then, something miraculous happpened. From somewhere came a second burst of energy, and we started talking about the property we’re living in, the one we’ve been considering turning into a house of multiple occupancy – an HMO.

We priced up pretty much the entire work needed, something we’ve been planning to do for ages. If the sums don’t work, we won’t do the work needed to create the HMO, so this was crucial.

We also stopped at a few kitchen places on our way back up north.

It meant that once we arrived back at home, to two delighted dogs and three bemused humans, we could begin a serious discussion about what to do with the property. And so the decision was reached. There will be no HMO. Instead we will renovate to a high standard, ready for a family home, and either let it or sell it as such.

The work needed to make this old, slightly awkward property into a 5-bed, 5-en suite HMO is just too much and too expensive. It would take every penny that we have, and it would take forever. And right now we need to keep hold of some money, and we need as soon as possible to be able to concentrate 100% on the business.

And although I’d been looking forward to putting an HMO together, it is a relief to have finally made a decision. Now we can move forward, get it done, and get back to business.

I would have preferred not to spend hours in the van, traipsing for miles through the dark, not really sleeping on a dodgy mattress, and losing a day’s work.

But by deciding not to let the day be a waste, we turned something that could have been really negative into a positive, and that was definitey worth doing.

(Oh, and Progressive have offered to reimburse what we’ve spent and they’ve given us a choice of dates to attend the next course, so we will be back – although we might change hotel.)


*Progressive Property is probably the UK’s biggest and best property success story, started by two friends and colleagues, Rob Moore and Mark Homer, and offering fantastic training into how to make money from property. Their courses are awesome (we’ve been on loads of them) and it all starts at their Multiple Streams of Property Income course (MSOPI) which is a 3-day course all about property. Tickets usually cost a few hundred pounds but they are free if you get referred from someone else – if you would like free tickets email me at and I will make sure you get yours!

What Makes A High Achiever?

Who even IS a high achiever?

It’s all relative, of course. Everyone is a high achiever to someone, the same way everyone is a lesser achiever to someone else (yet another reason why we should never judge ourselves against others).

Simply put, we’re all on our own journey, each with its own challenges and battles. What is easy to one person is tough to the next, and so on.

This is a great video for keeping you focused on your own journey.

Yes, it’s going to be tough. Yes there will be days you don’t want to get out of bed. Yes there will be jealousy along the way. Yes there will be people wanting to see you fall. Yes you will feel like stopping. Yes the world will assume things about you.

I say ‘you’ – but really, of course, I mean ‘me’. I totally, totally have areas of weakness, places where my inner high achiever struggles to beat the lazy scared person.

For one thing, I always find it so hard to get out of bed. Every. Fricking. Morning. And that’s one area I need to work on, to get up, earlier, get started faster, get off my phone go for the day harder.

As this video reminds me, just get out of bed. Just do it. Ignore the rest inside my own head and the heads of others, and DO IT.

Stepping above the rest is not easy. We must surround ourselves with people who also have vision and can see the possibilities for us all. Surround ourselves with other high achievers, and prepare to fight!








Setting Goals and Making Plans

This is probably the most exciting two weeks of my life!

No, George Clooney hasn’t turned up asking me to forgive him for marrying Amal, nor have I have won the lottery.

But, exactly a week ago, Dean and I both closed down to the outside world and began working on our new business – a quality, bathroom and wetroom installation company.

And that’s about as exciting as anything could be! Sorry George!

After being a general building company, specialising is a HUGE relief. At last we can get really really good, we can hire people specifically, we can do the same thing over and over which means we can get really, REALLY good.

Best of all, we can now see some really exciting ways to market the business, so we can get even bigger and even better.

We are both SOOOO excited!

And we’re doing what we desperately needed to do – preparing the business before it begins, setting goals for the business and for us to achieve.

The new van is signwritten (it looks amazing!), the website is being built (we hired a professional photographer to take photos of a few of the bathrooms we’ve done over the past year) and I picked our new business cards up on Friday.

Tomorrow we are fixing our price list. Our systems will also be confirmed down in the next 24 hours. Then we will do 10 – yes, 10! – price ups using our new systems so that when clients come to the new business we will have set ways to handle each query.

So this was the scene on our kitchen table last Monday morning:

List of tasks to accomplish, things to organise, learn, prepare… Setting goals and building a business

I’m pleased to say that some of those tasks are now ticked ‘done’ and others have morphed as conversations have evolved, but we are still working our way through them.

When the Planets Align…

Have you ever felt like the universe shifted to help you?

I had one of those wonderful moments a week or two ago. I was lucky enough to see a post on a Facebook builders group in which someone recommended this book:

Markup & Profit by Michael C Stone – a great read and a real boost to our business

The post was about pricing up and how people decided on what to charge. The person who posted warned that this book isn’t cheap (it isn’t – I paid over £40!) but said the information is gives will be invaluable.

O. M. Geeeeeeepers he was right!

We’re a third of the way in and already Mark Up and Profit is changing how we think and feel. If only we had known of this book years ago! But anyway, we have it now.

Reading Mark Up and Profit is literally like having the author, Michael C Stone, turn up at your home and go through your business with you. He really knows his stuff and even though it is an American book, it works pretty much 100% for a UK business (just a few pieces of US-jargon re taxes, banking etc).

This book is specifically aimed at the world of construction but really there is useful information in there for any business, especially a business that creates things – houses, bathrooms, websites, clothing, whatever. I will definitely use the formula for mark up on jobs when I come to grow my website/video business, Little Red Horse.

If you have ever wondered about how to work out pricing or when to know if your price is too high or too low, I really recommend getting your hands on a copy. It really has changed everything for us.

If you don’t mind me collecting a very small percentage of the cost of the book, you can buy it through this link here.

I cannot describe how grateful I am that as I scrolled along my Facebook timeline on that day, I decided to click on that post and see that comment. Sooo grateful!

New Energy – Setting Goals

As often happens, once energy starts flowing freely in one part of your life, it soon spreads to other areas.

My YouTube channel has been a bit stuck recently, I haven’t uploaded any videos for a while, not quite knowing what to say.

Today I found my diaries for 2014 anbd 2015 and looked back to July 30th on both years. It was interesting to think about what I was doing then, and how much has now changed. (I haven’t kept a diary properly for almost two years and I know I’ll regret it – this blog is partly an attempt to diarise how the journey goes).

Then on tonight’s dog walk I had the idea of posting regular, monthly goal videos – I read constantly that setting goals is one sure way to help yourself towards success, measuring your progress along the way. Also I wrote about it here.

So I grabbed Dean when he got back from golf and pinned him down to some goals for August. Here they are (for both of us):

  • Go running with the dogs at least 8 times – so twice a week
  • Complete two bathrooms as part of our bathroom business
  • Get three subcontractors signed up and part of our team
  • Go to bed by 10.30 pm three times a week (yeah right!)
  • Finish fire safety improvement works to all our rental properties
  • Get our dog recall up to 99.9999%
  • Do three Youtube videos – ‘how to’ sharing tips I’ve learned along the way
  • Do two Tony Horton golf workouts every week (Dean)
  • Eat some fruit and vegetables every day (Dean)
  • Get our new bathroom business completely set up

And here they are in glorious technicolour! (Trust me, there’s nothing like posting your secrets on YouTube for creating some accountability!)



Bob Proctor – M1, M2 and M3

The rain has not stopped all day today, giving the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon inside and clear the pile of ironing.

As usual, I took the opportunity to jump on to YouTube and gain some education and inspiration.

This film of a presentation by the amazing Bob Proctor was so good I just had to share it!

Like many people I first came across Bob Proctor from his appearance in the film The Secret (which if you haven’t seen, you must!) and he is a really inspirational and likeable guy.

At almost two hours’ long this film is well-worth listening to.

If you don’t have that long to spare right now, join him at 37 minutes in. He explains how most people (96% of all people) do M1 – working for a living – which will forever keep them poor and limited. We will only ever get so far if we only ever trade time for money. Sad to say, I am guilty as charged – or at least I was up until a year ago.

M2 is a definite improvement (3%) which is investing money to earn money. I’m glad to say I have done this, still only in a small way, and I’ll be increasing my property portfolio in the future.

M3 is where we should all be aiming for. This group set up multiple sources of income, and they get others to do the work for them.

I am definitely guilty of this! Right now, we are growing the business and I can feel myself struggling within my own limitations.

I know I am probably holding the business back right now, through my own weaknesses, but am I just thinking like an M1?

Surely an M3 person wouldn’t even need to think twice on this. They would just hire someone to do what they can’t.

As usual Bob has got me thinking. We don’t have the disposable income that a successful M3er might have, but by clinging on to M1 status I could be pushing that income further and further away with my own indecision.





Exante Diet update

The vlcd Exante Diet is going well – almost too well in fact. As in, when it feels this easy, surely that’s the danger zone?

I feel amazing – so much energy, flat(ish) stomach and already waking up earlier and, um, livelier, if that is even a thing.

I am probably in low ketosis (where my body is burning fat, not just carbs) and the difference to living in a high-carb state is phenomenal.

I’m still hitching a ride on the raised energy levels of these beautiful early spring days – but hey, whatever works!

Last night I even took Foxy and Frankie for a run using my new double lead which I bought on Amazon which attaches, rather cleverly, around my waist. I expected them to run ahead of me, pulling me all over but they did brilliantly, as though we had been doing it for years! (Which of course means I now have no excuse not to run with them!)* (silent groan)

I had a few issues with the double lead, but on the whole it worked well, and it was great having my hands and arms free while running. Very liberating!

Running for Weight Loss

If you are considering taking up running, I really, really recommend it. It’s cheap, pretty easy-ish and it can give a major boost to your fitness and confidence.

I have no running physique – big boobs, short legs – seriously if I can do it I reckon most other people can too.

Years ago when I first started running I could barely last 100 yards. But then I found a great programme which advised starting out by running 1 minute, walking 1 minute, then repeat 10 times. I did this, running very, very slowly at first, gradually building up the length of running time and decreasing walking time.

I was so embarrassed I ran at night time for the first few months, wearing black. It was more important that I was not seen by anyone than it was not to be hit by a car!

The really good news is that it actually doesn’t take long to get to a point where you can run for 25 minutes-ish. THAT is so empowering it will boost you in every way imaginable!

And, best news of all, once you reach a certain level of fitness, it seems that stays with you. I haven’t run in months, and yet last night I ran probably just under a mile and a half.

Before I started running there was no way I could have run that distance, but yesterday it was no issue at all. I could have run much more, if I’m honest, but I didn’t want to give my body and legs too much of a shock on the first go!

Going public…

So last night I took the terrifying step of posting my vlog about Day One of Exante on the Exante Facebook page.

Even though I am not anonymous I haven’t exactly shouted about what I’m up to, so it was seriously scary! But, there’s nothing like exposing your secrets to the world to keep you accountable – and I really hope by posting here and on my YouTube channel that will keep me accountable in those weak moments!

I’ve been overweight for over a decade and it is time to reclaim my life – and if that means drastic measures then so be it.

Anyway, here’s how days 2 and 3 went…



Project: Life Success

Changing career aged 40+, learning about and building my own business, losing weight, building passive income & finally making a success of my life!

Deadly case of spring fever

I am sorry to have to tell you…

I think I have spring fever.

What else could explain my sudden burst of energy? The enthusiasm? The unexpected desire upon waking up on the second Sunday in March and deciding, ok, Today’s the Day…

The Day for Exante!

(If you pronounce Exante as I do –  “eck-zonn-tay” – that last part will rhyme. If you don’t, please accept my apologies and let’s move on together.)

It was the light, I reckon. The glorious freshness of early spring sunshine. Longer evenings. The hint of summer, all combined into a fabulous surge of energy, a shift in my mindset and a new determination…

So, Sunday became the latest Day One in my quest to lose 44 lbs (a pound for every year of my life).

I’m going to forget about the January weight loss attempt. Hey, these things happen, (or don’t happen).

Sunday morning I weighed in at 13 stone 2.5 lbs, so 184.5 lbs (I don’t do kilos, sorry) so minus 44 would be 140 lbs, give or take.

It’s going to be a challenge, I have successfully failed to lose weight for years, so I have a solid track record. But records can be broken!

Here’s my record of Day One: (here’s a spoiler – I’m posting this on day 3 and I’m still going!)

To weight loss and beyond!

Project: Life Success

Changing career aged 40+, learning about and building my own business, losing weight, building passive income & finally making a success of my life!


Week One weigh in – Success!!!

Diet of the Frickin CENTURY… Day 8 – January 16 2017…


I’ve done it, folks!

Seven whole days of iron willpower, tiny meals, gallons of water and a few hopes and dreams (not to mention two Sunday morning pastries, ahem*), I made it to Le Grand Exante Weigh In, Numero Uno…

Dear reader, I am delighted to report that my podgy little feet are ever sooo slightly less podgy than they were seven days ago!

Day One weight: 190.3 lbs (aka 13 stones 8.3 lbs)

Day Eight weight: 182.8 lbs (aka 13 stones 0.8lbs)


I was so very nearly out of the 13 stones! And probably, if I hadn’t eaten as I did on Sunday I would have been. But I’m happy with this result, very happy.

8 lbs is nearly 20% of my goal of losing 44 lbs! (Ok, it started out at 43 lbs – my age – but as I will be 44 in March I might as well just accept that figure**.)

Now all I have to do is keep the momentum going!

I feel soooo lucky to have found the wonderful Exante diet. The products are generally delicious, even the ones I found a little disappointing at the start my taste buds have now adapted to.

It is affordable enough to be able to buy plenty of products, which I have discovered is important to me, because if it feels like I’m going to run out I won’t eat them (weird, right?)

And I have not been hungry. Hand on heart, the only time I have craved food has been when my brain wanted it, not my stomach.

New favourite products:

  • Lemon cheesecake shake – OMG. Just. OMG <3
  • Red bean chilli. Basically, it’s normal food. A bowl of normal food, imagine that!!
  • Very Berry porridge. Heaven in a dish.

I’m not doing very well on updating my YouTube channel, mostly because I am struggling to make enough room on my poor bulging laptop to upload the footage to edit. And now my phone is full too!***

First world problems, hey, but I promise I will keep on keeping on and update as soon as I can, especially so you can see the products.

Does 8lb weight loss feel different?

You bet it does. And that’s got to be the best thing about a vlcd diet – you lose weight so fast you can really feel the difference.

I am walking taller, my stomach is flatter and I feel so much better.

Plus, my work trousers (I was down to one last pair that fit!) were just that bit looser this morning – RESULT!

So, it’s onwards and upwards to Week Two.

My goal for this week is to lose 4 lbs, which should start to open up various wardrobe options previously un-fittable!

(Obviously more would be perfectly acceptable – don’t hold back in leaving, fat ounces)

As I write this, Dean is cooking his evening meal of chicken pie, oven chips and onion rings (and the guy weighs less than I do – but then he does move around all day) and I can’t lie, the thought of a whole week of restraint stretching out ahead is daunting.

So, it’s one day at a time, and keep focussed on the goal.



that was not such an iron will day, but it did taste good.

** don’t even ask how I’ve got to 44. I must have blinked and misplaced a couple of decades somewhere.

*** yup, spot the vlogger who hasn’t yet invested in a decent camera…. ahemm…


Project: Life Success – changing career aged 40+, building my own business, losing weight, taking control & finally making a success of my life!

Exante diet day 7 – Disaster and Salvation!

VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet). Day 7 – January 15th 2017

Sunday Morning Weakness – the Croissant Crash

Hmmmmph. You know when I posted about eating not always being due to hunger? You know, when I talked about emotional eating, ritual and habits?

Yeah, that.

So today Dean and I got up super early and took the dogs out for a long walk. It was no mean feat – first we had to take old boy Sam out as a long distance is too much for him, then give them all a half feed, and then sneak out before Sam realised what was happening.

Following our visit by the dog behaviourist we have both upped our assertiveness and that includes our walking speed, so we practically power-walked our way around 5 miles. It was great! And to say I’ve been eating hundreds rather than thousands of calories for the past week, in all honesty I could not tell. Actually, it has been AGES since I walked so far and I thought I might crash halfway round, but this ketosis malarky is superb, trust me!

But then we walked back through the village, past the queue for croissants at the village shop (best croissants ever!) and back home the little voice inside my head reminding me “It’s Sunday morning, everyone has coffee and croissants on Sunday morning” just would not be quiet. Not that I tried very hard to make it go quiet.

So somehow I ended up back at the shop buying “Two croissants please”, oh, you only have one left… a pain au chocolat then please… and back home they were about to be the best things ever – except just before my first mouthful a neighbour from one of our rented properties called to say they’d had a power cut, the alarm was going off and did I have the number as the tenant had given her a spare key but no alarm number (I trust this neighbour implicitly). As she filled me in on the comings and goings of everyone in the little cul de sac – which I moved out of over 10 years ago and barely know anyone anymore – the still-warm pastries cooled and the moment vanished and really I should have put them in the bin.

But of course I didn’t. My very, very bad. But they were still good.

But then something amazing happened. Just as I wrote the rest of the day off, and started to wonder what other delights I could get my mouth on, I remembered the bars in the Exante box.

The Chocolate and Coconut bar was my salvation! It tasted just as good as earlier in the week and filled a very dangerous gap… sadly for only a short time, as I spent the rest of the day lurching between sticking on plan and giving myself a day off (well, it was Sunday – whatever that means?)

Dean headed over to the driving range to practice his golf in the middle of the day, leaving me to work on prepping some quotes we have been doing for clients. It was dangerous of him to leave me in this half-weak state, and sure enough I finished half a bag of turkey and maple syrup M&S crisps and wolfed a few handfuls of salted peanuts (there was me thinking all the good things had been cleared out of the house).

By late afternoon I gave the Tiramisu shake a try. Very yum! Although not terribly Tiramisu. But who cares! It is amazing, frankly, how filling the shakes are, and how they manage to curb cravings.

The chocolate niggle never left, so meal 3 was the Chocolate and Caramel Bar – eeeeeeek, how delish! (A definite sweet theme going on today!)

So that’s three bars so far, all with a giant tick of approval. Exante-licious, if I may be so bold.

The nights are getting lighter!

Assuming you are also in the northern hemisphere, I hope wherever you are that the nights are getting lighter. Here the difference from December 21st, only 25 days ago, is quite incredible. I don’t think I noticed January being so light before, it must be due to us being so far north. But doesn’t north mean more darkness??? Or is it possible for one year to be lighter than another? Is that even a thing?

Tonight I left the house at 5.15 and headed out with the dogs, putting my torch away as we crossed the fields as we just didn’t need it. It was a wonderful walk, as usual no one else around so I could take Frankie’s muzzle off and let her enjoy her favourite pastime of chewing branches in the river.

The darkness of winter has been very liberating in its emptiness, and I find myself dreading the lighter nights and the crowds of people everywhere. Especially with a large, reactive rescue dog. We really need to get to work on where we are going to live next and how, because I really don’t want to be living in the centre of the village in summer.

The lights of the village pub twinkled as we headed home, and I was half-tempted to suggest to Dean that we went for a meal. Part of me could just have eaten some good, proper food. But then back home all I wanted was water. This Exante diet is quite staggering in how little food now fills me.

Podcast – Michael Gerber – The E-Myth – talking to Stephan Spencer

I’ve started listening to podcasts recently. Rob Moore of Progressive Property does some great podcasts along with a 10-minute ‘caffeine cast’ which is fab if you just want a quick, sharp hit. But today I landed on a podcast by Stephan Spencer, called Marketing Speak. He was talking with the great Michael Gerber, the genius who wrote The E-Myth. It is two years now since Dean and I began turning our lives into success stories and that book played a big part back at the beginning.

It was wonderful to hear Michael talk about vision statements and mission statements – basically, what you are going to be, and then how you are going to get there. Now that we have decided on the niche his business will go in – bathrooms – we can really, really start to build the dream of what we want it to be, and then get to work on getting there.

In the evening we called over to see the neighbour whose bathroom we will begin this week, it was so good to chat through everything as this is a project that has truly evolved. As we left it struck me how most people probably would not spend nearly two hours with a client on Sunday evening.

I insisted Dean listened to the podcast while I took the dogs on their final walk, and it got him so fired up again.

Life is good. Tomorrow is my first weigh-in (let’s see if the croissants show up!) Dean’s business finally has a purpose and a mission. I will put my own businesses on to a back seat slightly while we concentrate on this one. That’s fine – this has to take priority – and it is doing, that’s why we spend Sunday evening talking with a client – we both want a business we can be proud of, and one we can sell. If in three years’ time we can make enough to buy a farm in Yorkshire then all this hard work will be worth it.

I am conscious, though, that already we are two weekends into 2017. The year is already slipping away so fast, and there is so much we have to do.

I – we – don’t have a second to waste.


Project: Life Success – changing career aged 40+, building my own business, taking control & making a success of my life!






Happy near-end of 2016!

Merry Christmas! I hope yesterday was wonderful for you, whether or not you celebrate the actual festival, and I hope you have been able to take some time out from the busy rush of everyday life.

We closed Dean’s construction business on December 22nd until January 3rd, so, asides from the mountain of paperwork I still need to go through – more of that in a later post – we’ve actually been able to take some time off, which has been wonderful.

I discovered a fantastic app called Enlight which allows you to do amazing things with photos on your phone – so I couldn’t resist sharing this of the girls on Christmas morning!


Yesterday was a quiet, pretty steady day – just me, Dean and his youngest son Sam, aged 15. Plus the dogs, of course. Even though it was just the three of us, there were all the phone calls to the rest of the family, text messages and of course the constant stream of Facebook posts to answer, so it felt busy even if we weren’t too crazy!

Even so, if we can find the time, Christmas is always a good opportunity as the end of the year approaches, to take stock of what we have achieved so far.

Dean and I covered this in our final 2016 call with our business mentor just a week ago. It really was so helpful. The thing with a mentor or coach is they will ask you what you want to work on with each call, so that you take responsibility for your own journey, and it felt appropriate to look towards the next 12 months and where we want Dean’s business to be (and also I couldn’t think of anything else to suggest!)

The start of a new year is, for me, much more than just another new month – it really can be an opportunity for a fresh start. Just imagine, 12 whole undiscovered months lying ahead, each one filled with the potential for fun, achievement and success!

Although I am painfully aware of how far we still have to go until we achieve true Life Success, I have to admit that 2016 has been pretty awesome for us both in terms of our pathway to success. The call with our mentor helped us both to see that – we made some big decisions in that call.

But if I’m going to do it properly, I need to write a list of those achievements, which I will do in my next post.

Then, we can start to look ahead to not only what 2017 will bring, but what WE can bring to the next 12 months to make them better than ever before.

So, I need to do another list – of our goals for 2017.

I’ve written before about goal setting, because it can be really hard to actually pinpoint what we want in life. If you are not particularly materialistically-minded, like me, it can be even more difficult to write that list.

But how good it will be if, at the end of December 2017, I have a list of things I can tick off!

I speak to so many people who say they never set New Year Resolutions, which seems strange. Why would people not even TRY to improve their lives? Fair enough, I may not achieve everything, but at least by setting some targets I’m giving myself the opportunity to play the game.

So, losing weight, earning more, growing our businesses and building our property portfolio are all going to be on list – call it Goals, Aims or New Year Resolutions.

(I’m setting to start my diet on Monday, January 9th. I know it’s a week or so into the new year, but there’s still probably going to be some good food left over on January 1st, and I want to reduce the opportunities for failure as much as possible. My box of Exante diet products has arrived and I’m going to shoot a video to post on my YouTube channel as I unpack everything – I’ve had a quick peek but nothing more so I’m excited to take a look.)

But before that, my immediate goals to do BEFORE the end of 2016 are to write two posts – one of my/our achievements and one to set my/our 2017 goals. There, I’ve said it, and I’m about to hit Publish – so I HAVE to do them now!!!

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Project: Life Success – changing career aged 40+, building my own business & making a success of my life!





On the up!

Hurrah! We got paid.

I knew we would, it was just  matter of time. And after weeks of scrimping and holding my breath (and wallet) it makes it all the sweeter!

So I celebrated, with a walk across local field with the dogs, on a beautiful frosty morning. Because we have money – and all is well with the world!

I also just had to share our beautiful lurchers Foxy and Frankie running across the frosted wintery fields – they had so much fun!! Foxy Loves Frost, we discovered!!

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Project Life Success – changing career aged 40+ and building my own business!