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Bob Proctor M1 M2 M3 update!

Sometimes, it is so good to look back at how far you’ve come.

It is literally just over a year since I wrote about a YouTube film I watched featuring the wonderful Bob Proctor talking about M1, M2 and M3. Back then I knew I wanted to get to M3 but I was worried I wasn’t putting this into action.

In the film Bob explains there are three levels of earning and making money, and I’ll summarise them here.

M1 is the vast majority of people who get a job and swop their time for money. They literally work for their living which means their earnings will only ever be limited.

M2 people work for a living but also invest in assets that will bring them an income. This is just 3% of the population (I assume this is the US population, so it may be different in the UK).

I’m glad to say I have already shown M2 tendencies – I have a small portfolio of properties which bring me a modest rental income. In fact, this income has been my main source of income since we began our adventure to change our lives and control our own destiny. Without it I would have had to have a job and would not have had so much time to spend on our business and also on this blog.

M3 is where the money is! According to Bob, this group set up multiple sources of income and – this is key! – they get other people to do the work for them.

M3 is my goal.

In fact, it’s not only my goal. If I want to achieve a Success of my Life Project, M3 is my necessity.

But if you are reading this and thinking ‘I’m not there yet’ my best advise is not to panic.

In my opinion, Bob speaks a whole lot of wisdom and we can all take inspiration from his recordings and writings. But he speaks from his own individual experiences and journey. We must all remember that as well as absorbing words of wisdom and inspiration, we are all also on our own individual path. And sometimes that path can take its time, probably because we need time to grow with it.

A year ago I was worrying that I was holding our business back by being too M1 and not enough M3.

But it is crucial that we let inspiration and guidance support us forwards, not make us panic and doubt ourselves.

While on my project to life success I have discovered a ton of things about myself. Probably the biggest has been that I am an entrepreneur. My strengths are in big thinking, strategic planning and seeing opportunities. I struggle to do the daily grind of the more tedious tasks.

Twelve months ago, I was doing everything. We simply didn’t have the money to employ other people. Unless you have a ton of money to throw into your new business, you will probably do everything too.

But what I have found is that back then I needed to do everything. With no business background or experience, I needed to learn the what, how and why of business. And learn them I did, on an exciting, overwhelming wave of exhilaration.

Gradually, over the past year, I have gently dropped some of the things I was doing.

I no longer do payroll, although I am glad I did because now I understand how it works. This was outsourced to an accountancy firm, and I blogged here about it.

I no longer price up jobs, I wasn’t very good at it because numbers aren’t my strength, but I’m glad I did because now when T is pricing up I know exactly what he needs to add and – most importantly of all – how best to explain to and work with customers when delivering prices.

I no longer do the End of Project Guide that we always deliver to customers. T also does this, and when we employ someone under T they will do it.

I could go on, but you probably get the picture. I can see here that although I was so nervous about employing T it was the BEST thing we could have done, and our business has literally boomed since he joined us.

(In fact, problems we have had recently have come mostly from mistakes I made when pricing up and agreeing works just before he joined us, or mistakes he made in his early days. He has been able to see just why we have put certain systems in place, and we have been able to fine-tune our processes together.)

I think I’m waffling, and I hope you’re getting the picture.

To summarise, I am slowly becoming M3. I’m not there yet. But I am on my way.

My fears from my post a year ago were valid but unnecessary. I wasn’t holding us back, I was just on the right path, going at the right speed for me.

I WILL get to M3, I know it. I HAVE to! And it is sooo good to be able to look back on a year and see progress. I am soooo grateful for this incredible journey – and I can’t wait to look back on this in another year’s time, who knows where we will be then!




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We survived our first year!

This month, we hit our first year anniversary since registering our limited company. We didn’t actually start trading for another three months, so we’ll celebrate our anniversary properly then.

But for now, I’ve decided we can allow ourselves a little celebration.

Running a business is a bit like decorating a room, you look around you and all you see are the things you haven’t yet done. So it’s crucial to take time out to recognise what we’ve actually achieved.

Although I’m painfully aware just how far we have to go, we really have come a long, long way in a year, and we’ve grown so much. When we registered we had one employee in our other, building business. Now we have let him go and we have three new employees, yikes!

We’re vat registered and I’m almost at the point when I’m understanding what that means.

I’m a member of several networking groups and have a wide circle of professional friends who we didn’t even know a year ago.

We’ve done our first fully accessible bathroom and around a dozen others.

We’ve made mistakes and cock ups and gone round and put them right and handled ourselves really well and probably sometimes really badly.

So here’s to us. We’ve got a long way still to go, but we are on our way!


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I think I’ve had a brainwave…

…but it could be just brain freeze/meltdown. There’s quite a lot going on at the moment for my poor brain to deal with!

I joined BNI back in October, and since then it’s been brilliant for us. It’s a breakfast networking event where members of different businesses refer work to one another. So far we have had at least five jobs out of it.

I joined for the work, of course, but I had an alterior motive – I wanted to grow our power team, professionals from different sectors who we could call upon as needed. Solicitor, architect, planner, builder, etc etc. There are some fantastic people in the group and I’m very grateful I now know many of the professionals I may ever need.

But, it can be challenging. I need to bring in referrals for other members on a weekly basis, and as I spend most of my time in our office (spare bedroom) or out with the dogs I don’t always get chance to pick up work.

This weekend I think I came up with the solution, and it should benefit us too.

I don’t know when, where or how yet, but I’m thinking a little pop-up stall somewhere in the village, maybe once a month – a One-Stop Property Shop.

People will be able to come to us with any property issues, from a maintenance job to a mortgage query, advice about renting out, through to a brand new bathroom. For the things we don’t know, we will know someone who does.

I’m excited about this idea, and the few people I’ve mentioned it to have agreed.

So, just a vague notion right now, but watch this baby grow!




Change your life

Learning from hard times

I write this while lying on the bed, D at my side. It’s not exactly a romantic scene – he is watching highlights of golf at The Open and at his feet Frankie the dog snores gently, growling a quiet warning whenever a dog passes in the street below (I can only assume their scent drifts up through the open window).

I am propped up on my pillows, my laptop at a 45 degree angle. I’m trying not to let the commentary distract me as I blog. By my side sweet Foxy gazes at me, fixatedly. I think she is worried I’ve forgotten about our last walk of the day, and I can’t recall the last time she blinked. This is distracting, no matter how I try to ignore her.

Since I blogged about Foxy’s three-year gotcha anniversary two days ago and the difficult circumstances that surrounded her arrival, my head has been full of memories of that time, most of which I thought I had forgotten. It’s amazing how much can be triggered by re-opening a door into the past, and these last two days have given me a glimpse back into the awful feelings of high stress, of fear, worry and feeling hideously trapped, to mention just a few.

I decided to post on Facebook about it, the first time I’ve ever done so, and there have been some lovely messages of support. I really, really didn’t want it to be a moan about how I was treated, I actually don’t hold any bad feelings towards my former employer.

This bad experience wasn’t a blessing in disguise but it wasn’t a nightmare either, just another, tougher stitch on the tapestry that is life. It wasn’t the reason I left TV – I was actually very ready to do something else after nearly two decades of working in television – and we had already lined up our plans to move into property and me to join D in his business, we just expected it to happen back in Leeds, not at the other side of the country.

Rather, the whole episode served as a good push to ensure I didn’t go back to television, instead it really focused me on building the foundations for our new life. This blog is very much part of that – I make it very clear that I will not again risk my health just to make someone else rich.

Plus it made me determined to be a good employer. As we grow, we will implement the things that were lacking in the company that let me down so much – including a system to deal with and protect employees who are finding life tricky, not just retaliate with childish self-defence.

But I have to admit I also have a rather selfish reason for posting this, even if I can’t fully explain it right now.

So I’m on a journey to success, wherever and however that takes me. I can’t tell you exactly how that success will look, or exactly how I will know I have achieved it.

I just have this feeling that recording the journey, with this blog, as I go through the journey, will be of benefit in the future. I also have a feeling that sharing what I am doing – within reason – with Facebook and other social media followers is also going to end up being a good thing. Again, I don’t really know why, so I’m pretty much scrabbling around in the dark just following my gut instinct.

Many years ago, I once did not follow my gut instinct and regretted it deeply, promising my future self that I always would listen in the future. When a girl’s promised herself something there’s only one thing to do – uphold it.

So here I am. The good, the bad and the very honest.




Change your life

Latest amazing thing…

Three days ago I wrote about the amazing things that keep happening to us, all the time.

I have felt this for some time – actually, ever since that night in Octobe 2013 when D and I decided to start to take the steps to change our lives – but actually writing the words was the first time I had really acknowledged it.

I was never really one for ‘everything happens for a reason’ but right now it does feel as though most things really are happening as part of a deliberate pathway being carved out in front of us. Doors appear that are suddenly magically opened just when we need it.

So here’s the latest. Our sweet dogs can be quite reactive towards some other dogs, which makes walking them quite difficult. We are always on the lookout for another dog on the horizon, it can be exhausting and stressful. Owning a reactive dog can be embarassing, infuriating, isolating and depressing. The looks you get when your dog is somersaulting on the end of the lead barking its head off are really something. Luckily, we’ve had some fantastic large, mostly empty, fields for walking in, close to our village.

This land is privately owned, and there is no actual access over the fields, so it was always a bit risky walking them. But the landowner mostly lives in London, so for three years we’ve got away pretty scott free, and after every walk I’ve thanked the universe and expressed my gratitude for this amazing space and freedom to safely let the dogs run freely.

If only my dog walks were as relaxed as this one!

Then, about two months ago the gates were padlocked, the walls heightened and all other accesses blocked. I think he just saw how many people had started walking there. Since then, our walks have been massively obstructed. D and I have been going out very early – like 5 am – to avoid the risk of bumping into other people. With the recent heatwave, others have also been walking super early and so even that time has been quite stressful. At the same time I’d love our dogs to meet more other dogs to get more socialise and play.

I’ve also been stressing a little  about where we are to live. We are not yet in a position to be able to move but I’m convinced there is somewhere out there that will suit us better than this house, somewhere further out where we won’t have to run the gauntlet of crossing the busy village every time we step out with the dogs. But where to move to? There is so much space here but it can still feel very claustrophobic, all land is privately owned and there seem to be other dogs everywhere.

Then I came across a local dog walker who was happy to take my two dogs on a test walk to help them start to socialise more. I walked with her and she took me to an amazing piece of open, but enclosed, land. We had a fantastic walk yesterday and both dogs did really well. Even better, she is happy to do it again and will walk them without me if I need her to. Suddenly, my horizons were opened along with new areas for us to potentially move to.

I realise now that if the fields around our village had stayed open I would never have found her. The landowner by closing his fields has done me a huge favour – he has pushed me into action. By creating this ‘pain’ of losing our walking, I have been forced to find a solution.

I am sure that the dog walker is going to be a large part of our lives. I fully intend to get so busy that I will need the dogs walking regularly, and now that I know her it will mean I can make that happen. New areas for us to househunt have also come clear as a result of the beautiful space she introduced me to.

Another step has taken us forward, AND reduced some of the stress I’ve been feeling.

Another door opens, then another door opens…!



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Heatwave 2018!

It’s official: it’s Heatwave 2018. This hot hot hot weather is amazing, too much, overbearing, SCARY!

It’s been pretty hot for weeks now and I seem to be the only person who isn’t saying things like “Long may it continue” and “well we don’t get it often”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving it. The delight of waking up warm, the ease of living with the door always open, same shoes inside and out, not having to worry about coats or jackets. The bliss of warm sun on my skin.

And yet, it’s freaking me out. Because without wanting to dampen anyone’s bliss, it is really, really wrong. The sun is vicious and angry. There has been little wind. Even the pockets of shade offer little relief.

Heatwave 2018: This weather forecast really does not happen very often. It may actually never have ever happened before!

Yesterday I drove through a couple of valleys to drop a mirror off at a client’s house. In the last few days the countryside has changed from green to yellow, as the intense heat has scorched the earth, even the still-long grass. The bear tops of the fells, further into the Lake District, grazed down to their bones by too many sheep for too many years, are darker brown, you can see how they are burning. But it was shocking to see a normally lush green valley reduced to the faded yellows of the end of a long, hot summer – and it’s not yet even July!

I’ve heard plenty of stories recently of wildlife found collapsed and confused, no doubt dehydrated and probably suffering from sunstroke. Yesterday D saw a family of swans walking along the bypass, the cygnets struggling to walk on the hot tarmac in between mum and dad. I guess they must have been trying to find water?

I can’t bear to think of all the animals suffering in this heat: wildlife struggling to reach disappearing water, farmed animals crammed into hot trucks on their way to terrifying markets or the slaughterhouse, tethered horses going stir crazy circling round and round the end of their chains.

Sunshine is a delight but extreme weather is terrifying. And extreme weather is what we are increasingly getting.

My Facebook timeline is still full of people dismissing the fears of man-made climate change as political rubbish, claiming it’s all part of some weird new world order thing to control us. And yet every year the world gets hotter. Oh but that’s just a natural cycle, they say.

So, what is this? Just an unusual heatwave that we should all make the most of, or a sign of things to come?

I’m freaking out here! What if it never goes cold again? What if the sun keeps on burning us with its angry, furious rays until our little island is shrivelled and arid? Or the gulf stream shifts and we suddenly have another Beast from the East that never goes away? So many questions, am I being ridiculous? And yet scientists have been warning of this for years… so it can’t be ridiculous, surely.

I really wish I was one of those people who just enjoy a heatwave and get on with enjoying life without always worrying about the effect it is having on others or what is might be leading to.

On a brighter note, the deep blue skies have thrown some amazing clouds our way recently – I can definitely see a dragon in this one – can you?

Dragon cloud in a deep blue sky, overhead yesterday


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Recruiting again!

Yup, we are moving up a notch – another one – and it’s still scary, overwhelming, advancing, exhilarating, terrifying… all the feels in one.

It’s almost three months since T joined us and despite my hesitation at the time I knew the only way we would move forward would be with him on board. Since he joined us we’ve gone from strength to strength.

His expertise and experience in selling bathrooms has been worth every penny. He is able to visit potential clients and price jobs in about a quarter of the time it used to take me. He accompanies them to showrooms and is able to advise on the products in a way I could never do.

He still needs work and support in project managing, because he has never done that, but with his initiative and erm, for want of a better word, what my Grandma used to call ‘gumption’ I have no doubt that won’t be far away.

I guess my only concern, although that is too strong a word really, would be that I have to keep reminding him to fill in the wall boards and our online sheets, updating on the progress of each job. He’s not brilliant at that and while it’s not so much of an issue now, when we have 10 people in his department it is going to be imperative that each one knows exactly what is happening with every job. I don’t want a business where a client rings and is told the person working on their job is off that day, I want everyone to know what’s happening. So that needs working on, but I am not concerned exactly.

Yet we have a problem. The bathrooms need to get faster. D and C are doing great but C is still very young and slow at many things. T joins them half the time as an extra pair of hands but he also has no experience, his enthusiasm only goes so far. We have a situation where D is still doing everything but also training two newbies and we can’t fly like we need to.

We need the impossible – someone of D’s caliber and experience. Cloning D isn’t possible right now so I did a Facebook advert last week and sat back to see what would happen.

And then it struck us. Sheezle this is taking things to another level! Suddenly it has all become real – again. Taking on young beginners is one thing, taking on equals – as with T – is another.

How much are we paying? Well, we don’t know! We didn’t know who was going to come forward.

As when T joined us, we can’t afford to take on anyone else, but we know we have to, so we must, and we will make it work. Probably we should be sitting down and going through the budget and allocating a wage but we don’t seem to be able to work like that – yet. It is still a case of the business catching up with the workload and the workload creating the profit. I still find numbers and budgets a bit confusing and hard work and I am aware I need someone to work through it with me.

Off the back of our advert some fantastic people have come forward to join us. We are in a superb position and I am so grateful. I did actually use the Law of Attraction again this week, heavily thanking the Universe for the amazing and perfect people who were coming into our life. Once again I am convinced it worked. A couple of people came forward who we already knew but never expected to hear from. One guy – no one we knew previously – came for an ‘interview’ on Friday and I think he might just be the one.

So, exciting times again! In the midst of it all life continues as normal, whatever normal is.




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Our Education System Sucks!

The whole education thing makes me really angry.

I was lucky enough to have a really ‘good’, really expensive education. And on the whole I enjoyed being in school.

But through all those years I never once received any learning in any of the subjects that could have been really useful to me now:

Running a business

Understanding cashflow

Profit and loss

Hey, even just understanding and managing money!

Even if you do nothing with your life, you are going to need to know how to manage your dole money, surely?

And yet, even now, still there is no teaching in vital life subjects.

Admittedly I use my Maths learnings almost every day – percentages, fractions, the basic stuff. I have never, ever used most of the more complicated Maths that I struggled to learn.

So surely it would have made sense to swop something like Algebra for basic business studies?

Well, no.

Our education system was designed by the Victorian masters, the subjects selected to be those that would produce good employees, well-trained and hardworking with just enough knowledge to be useful but not so much that they would become dangerous.

Our education system continues to pour out employees. Taught by employees following a government testing system which ticks the boxes of chosen knowledge.

I believe our education system is failing many of our young people. It churns them out without the hope, purpose or skills to make a success of their lives. It fails to equip them and so it almost guarantees their failures long before they leave school.

If they are lucky their parents might teach them how to make money. If they’re really lucky they might teach them how to keep it.

More likely the parents are struggling just like their children are doomed to, forever locked in a cycle of never having quite enough, buying liabilities or getting scammed because they don’t understand money and profit, spiralling ever downwards through stress.

Who carries the burden of this shame? Anyone in power who does not force change. And I do appreciate how hard change is to create, but where is the education about this?

This clip basically sums it up. I do hope and pray that things will change, one day.



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The Long Weight

So yesterday, quite unexpectedly, something amazing happened.

Not world peace – sorry – in fact, nothing that momentous. But I did manage to stick to a diet for a whole 24 hours!

So, just a bit of background – I’ve always had what you might call a ‘minor argument’ with my weight – no battling gone on here! I knew that my erratic lifestyle with constant travelling and a total lack of routine wasn’t helping. Then In 2015 I lost loads of weight through the Cambridge Weight Plan, which was fantastic.

Slowly but steadily I ate it all back on and then two years later I discovered the Exante Diet. It was a cheaper alternative and for me it worked much better, mostly because the products are ordered online and come direct to your home With Cambridge you have to buy through a consultant who will also insist on weighing you. I found this slightly humiliating and there was just something that jarred for me on not being in control – although it does work for lots of people.

After discovering Exante I knew this was a great opportunity and last year set myself the goal to lose 44lbs at the age of 44.

I got halfway before falling off the wagon… and ever since then I’ve struggled to get back on. Subscribers to my Youtube channel will be aware of just how many attempts I’ve made and how many times I’ve then disappeared in shame.

But, it is now the middle of May 2018 and after six months spending long days sitting in front of the computer building our business I am in crisis – I literally have nothing to wear! I’m squeezing out of everything and I can’t afford nor do I want to buy more clothes! I’ve been feeling enormous and I’ve started to dread people taking photos of me.

We hired T to begin to manage the business and the bathrooms, leaving me to do the networking and being ‘the face’ of the business – so the least I can do is look halfway decent when I’m there.

Literally, this has become an emergency!

If I am to make a Success of my Life then that HAS to include my health and fitness.

So, back on Exante it is (I still happen to have a cupboard full of products so there is NO excuse) but I’ve struggled so many times to even make it halfway through day one. Yesterday, though, by some extreme freak event, I did manage it.

I weighed in at 13 stone 7lbs (189lbs) yesterday morning and this morning I’m an incredible 13 stone 2 lbs (although my scales are unreliable but, hey, any encouragement is a positive!)

So, we’ll see how far I get this time. My 45lbs weight reduction goal would take me down to about 10 stone 5 (145lbs) which may not be realistic but even around 11 stone (154lbs) would be fantastic.

And although posting it all over the internet and TO PEOPLE I ACTUALLY KNOW is the FREAKIEST thing ever, sometimes you’ve got to get the big guns out.

Here’s yesterday’s video (and you wouldn’t believe the lovely messages I’ve received from people. The internet is truly a wonderful thing!)








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Take the baby steps

This beautiful message popped up on my Twitter the other day and I had to share it here.


The poster was @mikedooley who I think appeared in the film The Secret (if you haven’t seen it, do!)

Since Dean and I started on our journey to taking control of our lives and creating wealth, we’ve taken steps every day. Sometimes those steps have been strides, mostly they’ve been the babiest of baby steps.

But I have to confirm that what it says in the last paragraph is true.

“Take the baby steps, they summon angels, unleash energies”

OK, I don’t know much about angels, but so many amazing things have happened since we started, that I have to agree 100% that energies have been unleashed, and continue to be unleashed more and more every day.

Doors have opened for us, coincidences have made connections, necessary, helpful, people have come into our lives.

All this is of course just a natural result of taking action and getting out there, meeting people, networking and just being in the world of business.

But some things have been – more.

Our move to the other side of the country definitely unleashed an energy which I am glad to say we grasped with both hands. Since then I have never felt more aware of another force pushing and driving us forward.

Is it God? The Universe? Natural energy? I don’t know. I do know I love it!

(I really hope we don’t waste it and mess up.)

The message, whoever it is coming from, is that it really doesn’t matter what size steps we take, we just have to keep on moving. Big strides or baby steps, it doesn’t matter. Just keep heading forward, and the energies will help make it happen.

In other words, take the baby steps – and the rest will follow!

With big love and thanks to the powerful energies that are surrounding us right now.




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