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The 20 lbs milestone

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Down 1 lb at my weigh in today, bringing my total weight loss since January to… 20 lbs!!

So my weight today is 12 stone 2 (170 lbs) down from 13 stone 8 (190 lbs) at that first weigh in – and ONCE AGAIN I have found myself feeling eternally grateful that I discovered the Exante Diet!

Thanks Exante Diet!

(Just in case you’re catching up, there was no weight loss going on from around January 26 through March 12, so all the loss has happened in just 7 weeks, 2 in January and 5 just gone).

I COULD have lost lots more. Although I am finding the Exante Diet to be excellent, I am only managing a few days when I am completely sticking to just three products a day, the Exante optimum weight loss plan. I’m not even sticking to the Exante-products-plus-a-little-bit-of-food plan, because I haven’t read the instructions.

I’m just bumbling along, doing the best I can and eating when I feel I need to, plus occasionally when I don’t, generally making good food choices and sometimes making really bad ones.

I reckon I could lose 3 lbs a day on Exante if I was strict, but I just don’t seem to have it in me. But, a loss of 20 lbs is taking me close to my target weight loss of 44 lbs so I’m pretty pleased. There’s no way I would have got this far if it wasn’t for Exante.


So today I spotted the cutest little spring dress in a shop window. On May 3rd – just two and a half weeks away – a friend has asked me to speak at an event he is organising. Terrifying – or at least it will be once I let myself think about it!

But what will make it slightly less terrifying will be if I don’t have to be worrying about my weight when I am standing in front of a roomful of people.

So I’ve decided, if I am not going to be able to fully limit my eating, I need to crank up the exercise.

This evening I replaced the dog walk with a run. Ok, let me rephrase that – a run/walk/breathless stagger kind of run.

Running was tough today. I got my period this morning so I’m stocked up with painkillers and I got so cold sitting upstairs working, I was half-tempted to cut the run short after the first 10 minutes. But the dogs need the exercise, and so I stuck it out, and sure enough managed to finish strong.

When we got back I had Dean take these photos. They’re not exactly flattering, but they should serve as useful for when I reach my goal another 24 lbs down the line. I didn’t take many photos back in January but looking at these it’s probably a good job I didn’t! At least Foxy and Frankie look completely gorgeous!!

I’ve been feeling quite skinny recently but looking at these will help remind me I still have a long way to go – I shall keep them to refer to for inspiration whenever I have a weak moment!

I never realised quite how fantastic running with dogs would be. We’ve only been a few times but we all love it (at least I do when I can breathe!) and I would say it has brought us closer together. I really hope I keep it up.

Here’s today’s video:

Keep on keeping on, folks!










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One more Angel…

Although I am focused on being positive as my life moves forward, tonight I’m letting a little sadness in.

Tomorrow will be the funeral of my cousin’s wife, Angela. She was taken very cruelly at the age of only 55. Diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of July, she didn’t even last two months.

I haven’t seen much of Angela in recent years as our lives have moved along very different paths, but back in my early 20s I saw her often. I’m sure my cousin Robert won’t mind me telling you that she turned his life around, giving him stability and focus.

As our lives drifted, I always remembered her kindness and how eager she was to help anyone whenever she could.

It’s only recently that I have realised what a talented businesswoman she was too. She was a childminder, and so much more. Over the years she (and her daughter Sally, who worked with her) have cared for literally hundreds of children and it’s safe to say they were not only a big part of their local community, they pretty much held it together. They ran children’s groups at church, held before and after school clubs, organised days away and were always there to help advise struggling new parents.

She epitomised what to me is the best in business. She ran a profitable business, but used her success to let her do what she wanted – to help others. Not in a loud, ‘look at me’ way, but just by being a good neighbour. Like, a really, really good neighbour. I’m sure she did make money, but it never took her far from her community or changed her from the person she was.

It’s so cruel that she was taken at such a young age, when she had so much life, love and laughter left in her. So sad that her community – which has tragically also suffered two horrific murders in the last 12 months – should lose such a powerful force.

But it’s also so important to remember that none of us know how long we have left. No one has any idea whether they will still be here in a year’s time or in fifty year’s time. We must grasp the moment we have, right now, and fill it with as much as we can. We literally cannot afford to waste a single moment.

Angie’s death is so tragic, the only way I can find anything positive in it is by ensuring that her memory inspires me to try harder, do even more, and be thankful, oh so very thankful, for everything I have.

Heaven has another Angel tonight.