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Bullet point blogging!

It’s 12 days since I last blogged (where does the time go, hey?) and I’ve got LOADS to tell you.

So much, in fact, that I can’t possibly put it all in just one blog post.

So here’s my first attempt at blog bullet pointing!

Achievements and Events, July/August 2018

  1. Our luck seems to have changed!

Ok, so we’ve made a little money since the business started trading last October, but it would be fair to say that pretty much every job we’ve taken on since then has been pretty challenging. Every challenge has been different, and each one has given cause to eat into profit. I’ve got to admit I haven’t gone through the details of every job, I have known it wasn’t always good news and I didn’t always want to depress myself further. I’ve also known that this challenging time would not last for ever, it was just a case of getting our heads down and keeping going – and that seems to finally have happened, because…

  1. We did our first packages!

Along with our joint number one top employee, T, we’ve been developing various packages to offer to clients, fixed prices that we hope will appeal to people on a more fixed budget. It’s something I would have struggled to do.
Next though, we had to be sure we could deliver the packages – and make money doing them. So, we’ve just done our first two which we treated as a test. We’ve done post mortems on both jobs, going through how the labour worked out, how the products worked out, how the costings worked out and so on. And both went really well! We actually did them on time and…

  1. We’ve actually made some money!

We are still a very very long way from loaded, but the signs are good. We are DEFINITELY on the up and we seem to be over the worst of the problems. Much of that is due to…

  1. We have a third employee!

Part of the problem causing the challenges alluded to in point 1 was that we needed another staff member to join the bathroom team. And it was a challenge to find the right person. Really we needed another D – a good all-rounder with a wide range of skills and who jump on to any job, as a real team member.

We had a few people get in touch. When K rang I liked him immediately, but he was a bit smooth. I thought, you’re either the world’s biggest blagger or you’re perfect. He came to see us and he and D got on immediately, and he joined the team two weeks later.

It turns out, he IS perfect! He’s actually on his way to be our third joint number one employee, joining T and C, D’s son.

It all feels a bit too good to be true, but right now it’s working, he’s working and the team is working so the jobs are working. HUGE credit to the Law of Attraction, which I am sure helped bring him our way, he is a big part of the success alluded to in points one to three.

So it’s all good! So far so good!

Now we just need to do it all over again until we’re loaded!




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