Back on Exante

It would be fair to say that my journey to lose 44lbs at the age of 44 has had its challenges.

The biggest challenge of all has been my inability to keep going.

Seriously, Exante is such a fantastic, effective diet I am furious with myself for being so weak. I know it can work – fast – as long as you stick to it.

I am in AWE of people on the Exante Diet official Facebook group who have stuck to it for months. And, of course, they’ve seen the results they deserve to see.

As for me, well I’ve fannied about, frankly, and after losing 22lbs earlier this year – so halfway to my goal – I’ve since stumbled.

In August I started again and after a strong start I fell at the third fence – or at least the start of week three. And then never recovered. And then I did what all really bad bloggers/YouTubers do, I disappeared. Partly in shame, partly in denial.

So today, Sunday, I weighed myself and decided to film the weight, more as a way for me to remember my weight than anything else. And then, as I waited for something to download, I checked in at YouTube. There were messages and comments that I hadn’t seen, asking where I was and how I was getting on.

I don’t know about you but when a total stranger takes the time to tell you they are missing your motivation, that is one jolt back into action.

So here we are folks. 12 stone 5 7/8ths lbs, or 173 7/8th lbs. A weight that I have circled around for years.

And a drawer full of Exante products. Back on it as of tomorrow!

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