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Anger, earthquakes and 4Networking

Crikey, what a day yesterday was!

It began dramatically enough. Actually it began REALLY dramatically, only a few hours after Dean and I fell out quite badly.

It is unlike us to ever argue but I was annoyed at him going off to golf (he generally plays three times a week – am I being unreasonable?) while I was left to supposedly take Frankie to dog training class, even though I have so much work to do on the business. Then at 4.30 am he woke me by standing up and pulling the covers, sharply, to straighten the bed.

He swore he didn’t do it deliberately, but I know that I could feel the malice in the action. It’s really not as though he has EVER done that before. So, I switched the light on, an argument ensued, he stomped off to a different bedroom and I picked up my laptop and started working – my alarm was due to go off at 5.30 anyway.

At 6.30 I waited for Carla our wonderful VA to get in touch for the first of our weekly Friday morning meetings. She spent yesterday preparing much of the financial reports, profit and loss calculations etc, that we had agreed would be on the agenda.

Then a message came through on Skype:

“Izzy there is an earthquake here.”

“We are hiding under the table. I’m scared.”

When someone you have gotten to know sends you a message like that, you forget all your domestics. A tense thirty minutes or so followed, until she messaged saying it seemed to be over.

The meeting, when it finally happened, was a success. And they will only get better, as they become habit and we start to explore and compare reports further. It was interesting to see how within a few minutes of seeing the first report, we were talking about the need to reduce how much we spend in materials and other outgoings. (Dean and I were talking for the meeting, although it died off again soon after the meeting closed).

This was exactly how our weekly business meeting looked!

I remember Kevin Green, the multi-millionaire whose weekend we attended right back at the start of our self-improvement journey, saying it was so important wherever he was in the world that he knew the exact figures for his business. Every Thursday his PA Suzanne preps the reports so he has it all to read during breakfast on Friday. It made perfect sense at the time – except I didn’t really know quite what those reports would consist of.

I do now though!

I’m just going to go off on a tangent for a minute, bear with me:

The Law of Attraction – it’s true!

You probably have heard of The Law of Attraction. If you haven’t already, you MUST watch the film The Secret. I am very open to the claims made by believers of the Law of Attraction, but I have to say I often felt like it somehow passed me by.

Recently, though, I have found it working more than ever. I’d say that actioning change in our lives can create some pretty impressive energies, bringing sometimes the people or knowledge we were just needing, into our lives at the right time. Now I don’t know if that’s the Law of Attraction or simply a movement of energy, but I like it!

And so it was, 4 weeks ago, when I made my first visit to my local 4Networking group Friday morning breakfast. (I joined, immediately, because, well, just because, and no doubt I’ll post about it in more detail later.)

The guest speaker was a solicitor, and as it customary her 20-minute presentation was not about her business, but giving content and value to those who were present.

On this occasion, I heard her speak and knew it was what I was needing to know, exactly at the right time. I wrote each one of these points and they quickly became:

Our Weekly Business Meeting Agenda!

1. Profit/loss for the week

2. Profit/loss for individual jobs

3. How much have we invoiced this week?

4. How much are owed?

5. How much do we owe?

6. Cash flow – what’s the bank balance today?

7. How much owed to tax?

8. How much owed to VAT (not yet!)

I was thirty minutes late to the meeting yesterday morning, my third visit, and I explained during my 30-second spiel what had happened, and how grateful I feel that I live in a country where we don’t have to worry about earthquakes and other natural disasters. I mean, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, but Britain is a pretty safe place to be.

Did you know? Your Network is Your Net Worth

Success and wealth gurus are forever reminding us how our Network is our Net Worth – here’s a great article explaining the theory behind it – and whaddaya know, someone even wrote this book about it!

Right now, my network – ie, the people I know and hang out with – is pretty much:

Me (all day at home)

The dogs Foxy and Frankie (delightful company but no great investment potential)

Sam my stepson (also fab but again, not a current business partner)


Dean (and the less said about him the better).

So I definitely need to get out more! Joining 4Networking was a deliberate move to grow my circle and list of contacts. The meetings are super-friendly and enjoyable – and as you can see, I’ve learned loads already.

So all in all we’ve had a pretty good week (notwithstanding arguments and earthquakes). We’ve finalised our letterhead, we have spoken to plumbers, tilers and a joiner to get them all on board, our new systems are in place on the en suite renovation that began on Monday. I’ve updated some of our details on Checkatrade, with more to do this week.

We’ve also pretty much pinned ourselves down to start work on this property (the one we’re living in) at the start of October. We’ve booked the tilers for two weeks at the end of November, so now Dean and I need to sit down and draw up a plan for the renovation, working backwards from then. Both exciting and terrifying!

Dean and I have pretty much made up now, I’m glad to say, so we can concentrate on moving forward. He’s playing golf again today, but that was booked ages ago. I’m just hoping for the odd occasion when he actually acts like he is happy spending time with us instead of constantly obsessing about golf. That truly would be a miracle so maybe there’s little chance of that happening, but you never know, now the Law of Attraction is kicking in that miracle might just occur!



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